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Tamiya - Letters MMI
May 2006 - Model Military International
For quite some time I have been extolling the virtues of specialist mod-
elling websites for you to to access, contribute to and gain valuable
information from, so that every drop of authenticity and accuracy can
be squeezed out of, or should that be into, your model. The good people
around the world who contribute to these sites often have just that bit
of extra info that you need to complete the kit you are working on, or at
least know someone who has, and having it can be the icing on the cake
for many a project.
I shall, however play Devil's advocate for a moment (in fact I think it's in
my contract to do so), and ask if one can actually have too much infor-
mation? I only say this from the viewpoint of having to build models to
a deadline, which by its very nature goes against the whole concept of
a hobby not having timescales and due dates. All the same, I think that
even if I was not working to a deadline I would still want to get models
built within a reasonbable amount of time.
I'll back track even further now, to the point where I make a decision as
to which model I want to build. I like to know that there is at least one
book easily obtainable on the subject so I can add my own few touches
and make the model `mine'. However, and it's a big `However', if there is
too much to learn about a subject, I can feel intimidated and sometimes
waver in my choice, and this must be one of the most counterproductive
phenomena in the hobby ­ being put off because the subject is too com-
plicated. This rambling leads me back round to my initial statement, and
to say that in a time obsessed with ultra accuracy and historical preci-
sion, it really is okay to build a model straight from the box, nothing
added, nothing changed. Modelling is, or rather should be, about having
fun ­ for some people that fun comes from painstaking research over a
period of months or even years, but there is still very much a place for
simple, quick box-stock builds.
By all means surf the web and check out the experts' forums and glean
as much info as you can for your current project, but keep in the back
of your mind that satisfying feeling of building and painting a newly
released model, at least within the same rough time period as your
See you again on May 18th!
Ed says:
We do intend including a
new feature on Tamiya's 1:16 King
Tiger `full option' version, as it has
attracted a number of accessory
sets that make it look even better.
Not sure when the article will be
Tamiya produces what is to me
the finest acrylic paint range in
the world, bar none. However, the
choice is rather eclectic at best.
Very few of the colours a modeller
finds in model references match
directly the Tamiya range. Very
few RLM colours come directly
from a Tamiya bottle. Very few
RAF colours, WW2 USAAF or USN
colours, and no Federal Standard
colours that I am aware of.
Given the name of your magazine,
wouldn't it be a great idea for you
to run an article, or even a series
of articles, dedicated to providing
the modeller with mix ratios for
the various military paint colours,
using the Tamiya acrylic range?
Or perhaps it has already been
done, and I just can't find these
mixes? If so, any help in finding
them would be most appreciated.
I am building Tamiya's P-47 series
of kits, and the only `US Neutral
Gray' on Tamiya's instructions is
for their lacquer range of aerosol
cans. These are too toxic for my
use, as lacquers cause me to have
all sorts of skin ailments. A mix for
their acrylic range, now wouldn't
that be helpful..?
Andrew Birkbeck
Seattle, US
Ed says:
An FS, RLM etc., com-
parison chart for Tamiya paints is a
great idea but no small undertaking,
if we find an accurate way of doing it
we'll publish it ASAP!
In the last but one issue of TMMI
you mentioned on the reviews page
about a truck and trailer having
different registration numbers. Of
course it has probably been pointed
out but in Europe trailers are treat-
ed as separate vehicles. Next time
you visit the continent check out
the truck and trailer combinations.
Also in Germany the registration
number doesn't stay on the vehicle
when its sold.
Keep up the cracking work with the
magazine. I've been a reader since
issue 1, with gaps for children and
being away with the army. I have
noticed a slow change in the maga-
zine and I must say I like what I
see. From the first issue when I was
working in the print trade, the mag-
azine was always of a high stand-
ard. I remember when Tamiya used
the magazine to show the then
`new' 1:350 USS Enterprise, and
all sorts of new kits. Verlinden was
just starting and the radio control
thing had just taken off. Today the
quality is better modern technology
helps with quality digital pictures,
but its the layout of the magazine
which is the important feature.
The whole focus of the hobby has
changed we now have major pro-
ducers bringing out new kits every
month, and the aftermarket com-
panies are having a field day. Last
year the hobby was looking good
and this year its better again. Its
a good time to be involved in the
hobby, whether you build aircraft,
boats or armour. I only pity you as
the editor of the magazine what
new kits do you feature in your
Lets hope that the hobby goes on
from strength to stength and that
more younger people take up the
hobby. We all love the big new kits
by DML, Tamiya and the rest, but
we need the cheap Trumpeter kits
to get the younger modellers into
the hobby. Anyway enough ram-
bling from me. Keep up the good
work and good luck with the future!
Via email
As an avid TMMI reader and a
serious RC tanker I'm sick of the
bleeding hearts that keep writing
in complaining about RC models in
TMMI. Tamiya make RC models and
that's a fact. Pure and simple. As a
RC tank fanatic the issues with the
Tamiya RC articles in them (espe-
cially the tank ones) are of most
interest to me yet I by it every
month and there isn't always an RC
article in it.
People should remember that this
hobby covers many areas as do
Tamiya so on behalf of all those
trackheads and racers out there
don't forget us just because the
rivet counters bleat every time our
hobby is catered for! Great mag by
the way (just too much static and
not enough radio control...chuckle!)
Keith Shilson
Via email
I am busy with the Academy/MRC
1:35 MH-60G Pave Hawk, but
unfortunately the decals supplied
in the kit don't seem to stick to any
type of surface. I have not tried
setting sollutions yet, would rather
try completing the kit with a set of
after-market decals since some of
the kits' decals have gone to bits.
Could you perhaps help me in find-
ing manufacturers of after-market
decals for the 1:35 Pave Hawk, or
some advice on how to proceed
would be greatly appreciated!
South Africa, via email
Ed says:
We couldn't locate any
aftermarket decals for this kit, but
that does not mean that there are
non available of course. Does any-
body out there know of any sets but
that does not mean that there are
non available of course. Does any-
body out there know of any sets
that does not mean that there are
non available of course. Does any-
body out there know of any sets?
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Tel:01525 222573 Fax:01525 222574
The views expressed are not necessarily those of the editor or publisher. Letters may be edited for publication.

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