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Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archives - vol 197512 (Page 6)

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Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archives - vol 197512
New York Post elects officers

Over fifty vets, wives and widows
attended the meeting of the New
York Post on Sunday, Nov. 9. This
gathering completed the organization
of the post with the election of
officers and executive board.
The new officers are: Commander -
Jack Bjoze; Vice Adj. Commander -
Felix Kusman, Secretary - Jim
Persoff, Treasurer -Moish Breier.
The main feature of the meeting
was an extensive report by Leonard
Lamb on the situation in Spain and
the tasks of American supporters of
Spanish democracy. He detailed the
latest developments of the fight
against the Madrid Pact which the
administration now plans to submit
to Congress for approval and out-
lined plans for the further campaign
against the Pact under the new
During discussion Moe Fishman
described the danger to the lives of
the political prisoners from the
fascist terrorist gangs. These have
invaded the jails and told the
prisoners "You will die the day after
Franco dies."
Various measures for the defense
of the political prisoners were
projected. One is to move to enlist
the intervention of the International
Red Cross on be-half of the
threatened prisoners. A resolution
demanding the assurance of the
prisoners' safety was passed and sent
to the Spanish authorities and the
U.S. State Dept.
Helen Kusman, who attended the
International Womens Year Congress
in Berlin, brought greetings to VALB
Brigaders. The message was signed
by Kurt Holfer, Executive secretary
of their organization.
The Reform Democratic Asso-
ciation of Great Neck, Long Island,
N.Y. recently went on record against
the U.S. bases in Spain. The R.D.A.
is an influential organization in the
Democratic Party in the area.
The resolution adopted at the
October meeting of its membership,
"We urge our representatives in
the Senate and House to vote against
the continuation of our bases in
Spain and to vote against the funding
of such bases and, pending such
action, we further urge a concurrent
resolution of the Congress that will
bar the intervention of any U.S.
troops in Spain in any civil strife
which may occur.
Cleveland in the news
By Morris Stamm
The September issue of the
"Cleveland Magazine" (circulation
25,000) carried a four-page article
and pictures of the Abraham Lincoln
Brigade, featuring Salaria Kee and
John O'Rielly, who now lives in
Akron. She was the only Black nurse
in Spain and John was an Irish
volunteer who ended up in the
Lincoln-Washington battalion.
On Oct. 10 a letter to the editor,
written by this writer, appeared in the
"Plain Dealer" with ~a 3-column
head. This paper is the largest in
Ohio with a circulation of over one-
half million. The letter dealt with
U.S. involvement and the danger of
intervention, asking for the removal
of American servicemen and CIA
agents and for a Democratic Spain.
We sent out letters to the area
Congressmen and Senator Glenn
which included copies of the fine
"Nation" editorial of Oct. 11 and a
copy of the letter to the "Plain
Dealer" mentioned above with a
cover letter dealing with a few new
developments in Spain and asking for
an appointment in their home offices.
Topic Spain, our involvement and
the Pact.
I have been invited to speak on or
about Jan. 20 at Ohio State Uni-
versity with a showing of "Dreams
and Nightmares."
Elinor Stamm, VALB
Rep. at World Congress

Elinor Stamm, of Cleveland, wife of
our Vet Morris Stamm, and in her
own right an indefatigable fighter for
Spain, attended the recent World
Congress of International Womens'
Year in Berlin (GDR). A member of
the U.S. delegation, she also carried
credentials as an official observer for
Elinor reports that the anti-fascist
women of Spain were represented.
After Elinor spoke at the section
meeting she was attending,
introducing herself as representing
VALB, the Spanish delegate present
came to her with hugs and kisses.
The Congress included a reference
to Spain in its resolution on peace in
a section which read, "In this year of
the 30th Anniversary of the defeat of
fascism, peace-loving public opinion
hails with great satisfaction the suc-
cesses of the democratic and anti-
fascist forces in Greece and Portugal
expressing our solidarity and support
in the struggle they are waging as
well as to the Spanish democrats in
their fight for fundamental
democratic changes"

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