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Versa Systems - Brochure ABC
LicenseEase ABC
The Solution for Alcoholic Beverage and Control Regulators
Comprehensive ABC Functions
Versa Systems is pleased to introduce LicenseEase
, a system delivering a new level of sophis-
tication for regulation of the alcoholic beverage
industry. Already included are the unique features
you need to manage:
complex ownership relations
seller/server remote licensing
not-in-my-backyard (NIMBY) edits
brand registration
label approval
quota based licenses
location history
case management
automated inspection assignments
LicenseEase ABC
handles demanding alcoholic
beverage license eligibility requirements through
the use of Versa's powerful rules processing
engine. Your business rules are easily configured,
enabling fast response to legislative changes.
A built-in Datamart gives convenient access
to enterprise data on demand. LicenseEase
operates in real time and supports
24 x 7 operations.
Customer Service Improvements
Now you can provide multi-channel services to
your customers ­ licensees, public citizens and
industry stakeholders. With LicenseEase ABC
customers will be able to experience the benefits
of new levels of self service functions including:
new applications
change of address
public license search
complaint submission
customized lists (delinquency, price, etc.)
shopping cart "e" payments
bulk updates for chains, franchisees, branches
batch updates for receiving filing information
and more!
All public service functions may be delivered in
the customer's "language of choice" and adhere
strictly to industry accessibility standards
Ease of Integration
An open architecture based on web services,
messaging, SOAP and XML technologies,
and a platform-independent solution simplify
integration with any external system. We
can extend LicenseEase ABC
to integrate
with municipal or county offices, bank
lock boxes, law enforcement and other
government agencies.
Versa Systems

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