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C D - R O M S O F T W A R E
Corporate Solutions
Solution Overview

All Businesses

Business Solution
Custom designed Windows CD-ROM
software and books on CD.

Visual C/C++, SQL, Visual Basic, and
Microsoft Access, among numerous other
platforms, languages and tools

Alonso Consulting Experience
Alonso Consulting has designed and
developed CD-ROM products for clients
that have surpassed targeted sales goals.
In addition, we have provided technical
support for the products to our clients'
end users.

Alonso Consulting has an experienced
development team with a proven track
record. Further, we offer fixed pricing that
guarantees your project will not run into
budget overruns. We work closely with
your team (through regularly scheduled
meetings) to ensure the product is
meeting the agreed specifications.

For More Information
About Alonso Consulting Services:
Call the Alonso Consulting Sales
Information Center toll free at
(877) 4ALONSO or (973) 575-1414.
On the Internet:
Visit the Alonso Consulting Home Page at or e-mail us at
you remember the first time
you sat in front of a PC? It
may be that back then a mouse
was still a o you

echnology is moving at a rapid pace
and the business leaders of tomorrow will
be companies that stay ahead of the curve.
That is why it has become more important
than ever for businesses to expand and
develop new markets using the latest
technological advances.
The past decade in the music industry
illustrates this concept. In the early 80's
those companies that insisted on continuing
to sell vinyl saw their market share become
non-existent. By the late 80's the music
cassettes became a thing of the past, and the
players who have remained strong have
been the companies in the music CD
industry with the foresight to recognize the
trend and position themselves ahead of the
The computer industry has experienced a
very similar trend. You may remember that
years ago we played Pong, then came Atari,
and now the virtual reality world of CD-
ROM software has captivated the market.
The same trend has emerged with the move
from diskette to CD-ROM. Can you
imagine loading Windows 95 from
5 ¼" diskettes? Microsoft might still be
operating out of a garage.
Since its founding, Alonso Consulting
has invested it resources in keeping current
with all the emerging technologies. This is
why our clients recognize us as a leader in
the industry. We stay "ahead of the curve"
for the same reasons you should! We want
to keep our customers and continue to
develop new ones.
Where do you begin?
Right here! Our initial consultation and
recommendations are free of cost. Alonso
Consulting will provide you with the
counsel and programming that you need, to
move your CD-ROM development plans to
fruition. Our dedicated team will work with
your design team to ensure that product
development is meeting your expectations.
We will provide your customers with
technical support, and most importantly, we
will report suggested modifications (for
future versions) to you on a weekly basis.
Software Solutions
Perhaps the most important thing we can
share with you is a client's success story.
We developed a CD-ROM version of a
popular book used by lawyers. The
Windows based software has revolutionized
the way that lawyers retrieve information.
The product is fully menu driven and has
colorful icons that are used to quickly access
courthouse area maps, lawyer's names,
addresses, the year they entered the bar, in
addition to numerous other features. The
product has been a sales leader for the
company and they have since expanded the
product to include a date book. As a result
of our track record, we were asked to
develop three CD-ROM titles for a
management consulting firm.
Where is the market heading?
Today's savvy consumers recognize that
typically, CD-ROM products offer more
data in a smaller, safer storage space. If
you've browsed around a software store
recently, we are sure you noticed how
difficult it is becoming to find new software
titles on disk. You were certain to find
relatively all new PC's on the market
equipped with a built in CD-ROM.
Additionally, book publishers are moving
their books to interactive CD-ROM format.
Those who are on the cutting edge of CD-
ROM technology are fast becoming today's
sales leaders. We have seen these
phenomena in business before. Not too long
ago we were told that the music CD was a
passing fad and people would miss the
crackle of the vinyl LP. Where are those
companies now?
It's Your Turn Now
Now that you know what CD-ROM
technology can do for you, call us. We'll
show you how easy it can be to get started,
and discuss the scope of our CD-ROM
development services with you in detail.

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