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Health Grades - FAQs BTEPhysicians
Bridges to Excellence Frequently Asked Questions ­ 1
Bridges to Excellence
Frequently Asked Questions
Look here for Frequently Asked Questions about:
About Eligibility
About Managing Practices and Accounts
About Updating Information
About Patient Count
About Performance Assessment Organizations
About Physician Online Services
About HealthGrades and BTE Partnership
About Eligibility
1. I am interested in participating in the Bridges to Excellence program. Am I eligible?
How will I get the rewards?
Bridges to Excellence Web site
provides comprehensive information on
program eligibility and rewards. Please visit
more information.
About Managing Practices and Accounts
2. How do I set up a new practice with Physician Online Services?
If you do not already have an account with Physician Online Services, start by searching for a physician (either
yourself if you are a physician or a physician in your practice if you are a practice administrator). If you are a
practice administrator, be sure to indicate that you are a practice administrator on the registration page.
During the registration process, you will set-up a new practice with the physician name you searched. For security
purposes, once you set-up your account, you will receive an email providing your user ID and password to access
your newly established practice. To add additional physicians to your practice, log into your account, select
"Physician", and click the "Add" button.
If you are a practice administrator, already have a Physician Online Services account and want to set up a new
practice, log into your account, select "Add a Practice" and search for a physician associated to the practice you
wish to add.
3. How do I register as a Physician Online Services user when my practice already exists?
If you are a practice administrator registering for an established practice and do not already have an account with
Physician Online Services, start by searching for a physician that you know is already associated to the practice.

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