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Galil Motion Control - pr 8 29 00
Editorial Contacts:
For Immediate Release
Lisa Wade, Galil Motion Control
Scott Tiernan, McMullen Advertising
Galil Pioneers New E-Series Motion Controllers
For Ethernet Distributed Control Networks
The DMC-3425 is the first controller in the series
Rocklin, CA--August 29, 2000--Galil Motion Control, a driving force in motion control
technology, has introduced their new E-Series Motion Controllers designed to eliminate
the extensive wiring required of central or bus-based control systems and the
complicated programming inherent of distributed control systems.
"With the E-Series, designers who need to control several motors now have a
simplified, cost-effective option to central or distributed systems. The key advantage is
that it meets the design criteria of short localized wiring, simplified programming, low-
cost components and efficient communications," says Jacob Tal, president and founder
of Galil.
By integrating Ethernet technology, E-Series controllers can be placed right
adjacent to motors and I/O signals, thus reducing wiring complexity. Also, programming
is simplified and communications streamlined because a single E-Series controller acts
as the "master" or "virtual central controller." In this role, it receives all motor commands
from the host computer and then passes these commands to other, multiple "slave" E-
Series controllers. As a result, the host computer is freed from this responsibility and can
be utilized more efficiently. Also, cost is kept low since each controller can operate two

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