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Galil Motion Control, Inc. · 800-377-6329 ·
troller (± 10 volt output is also avail-
able as a standard feature) allows the
motor command signal to be input
directly to EDC's own h-bridge ampli-
fiers, eliminating extra components
and saving cost.
Founded in 1978, EDC is a private
corporation located in San Jose,
California in the heart of Silicon
Valley. The company is an integrated
supplier of process equipment for the
data storage products industry in the
United States and ten other countries,
including Japan, Singapore, Malaysia
and Germany.
DC's innovative products and
timely response to customer
needs have made it a world-
wide industry leader. And a key ingre-
dient in EDC's success has been its
use of Galil motion controllers as stan-
dard components in its disk surfacing
In the hard disk manufacturing
process, the preparation of the disk sur-
face is a critical step. The initial smooth
substrate surface of the disk must be tex-
tured for maximum efficiency. A surface
that is too polished produces stiction
that causes disk heads to crash or stick to
the surface.
To accomplish this exacting task,
EDC has developed a series of mechani-
cal and laser texturing machines that
automatically create the precise amount
of roughness needed to enhance the
smooth surface of the disk. EDC's latest
generation mechanical surface finisher,
the EDC 1800A, achieves maximum
flexibility for texturing or burnishing the
disk surface.
Galil's DMC-1040 ISA bus motion
controller is used in the EDC 1800A to
EDC products include not only
mechanical texturing/burnishing equip-
ment, but also a full range of process
equipment for cleaning, spin rinsing/dry-
ing, laser texturing, polishing, grinding,
and sputtering of disks and substrates.
EDC and Galil Create Precise,
Cost-effective Surface Finishers
for Storage Disk Makers.
In the increasingly sophisticated world of data storage, Exclusive Design
Company provides a vital service -- it produces the automated equipment
that prepares the surface of rigid disks.
automatically control the motion needed
in this precision process. One axis rotates
the spinning disk. Another axis controls
the axial movement of the disk resulting
in an oscillation-type movement that cre-
ates a "cross angle" motion for surface
finishing. The other two axes position
the two magazines that contain the
abrasive component. The entire opera-
tion must be precisely controlled.
Surface finishing accuracies down to
+/-1 angstrom are achieved.
The on-board processor on the Galil
DMC-1040 allows the controller to cal-
culate and process data points on the fly.
The processor allows for changes in posi-
tion without delays and frees the host
computer for other tasks.
Galil motion controllers also offer
many features that accommodate
EDC's machine enhancements. The
Galil DMC-1040 controls both step
motors and servo motors on the same
board. And the extra encoder feedback
for each axis allows EDC products to
read an additional encoder without
adding more hardware. The pulse-
width-modulated output of the con-
A key ingredient to EDC's success has been its use
of Galil motion controllers as standard components
in its disk surfacing equipment.

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