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Galil Motion Control - 2004catalog
Galil Motion Control, Inc.
Galil Controllers
Highest performance
32-bit microprocessor for high speed performance and
Any mode of motion: point-to-point positioning, jogging,
linear and circular interpolation, contouring, electronic
gearing, ECAM
Encoder frequencies up to 12 MHz for servos. Outputs
3 MHz for steppers
Advanced PID compensation with velocity feedforward,
acceleration feedforward, integration limits, notch filter,
and low-pass filter. Optional compensation for piezo-
ceramic motors
Buy anywhere from 1 to 8 axes in such formats as ISA, PCI,
PC/104,VME, cPCI, USB, Ethernet, and RS232
Mix and match servo motors, stepper motors and hydraulics
on any combination of axes
Analog and digital I/O for interface with external devices
Dual encoder inputs for backlash compensation
Position feedback accepted in digital or analog format
Onboard Intelligence
Program memory frees host computer for other tasks
Multitasking allows multiple programs to execute
Symbolic variables, array space and event triggers
Non-volatile memory for program, parameter and data
Sinusoidal commutation for controlling brushless
motors with low-cost amplifiers
Over 350,000 motion controllers shipped
Typical MTBF is over 250 years
Ease of Use
Intuitive 2-letter commands for quick and easy
Wide array of software tools for quick set-up and tuning.
Interface to Linux, QNX, DOS,Visual Basic, LabView, C/C++,
AutoCAD, and all current Windows operating systems
Cost Effective
Meets OEM's strict cost demands with a 100+ order price
Significant discounts for quantity purchases. For example,
pay only $100 per axis for 4-axis controller in 1,000
Plug-in Amplifier Boards
DMC-21x3 Ethernet controllers allow multi-axis amplifiers
to attach directly saving wiring and cost
Easy integration between controller and drives
Standard Upgrade Options
Two sets of PID, anti-friction bias, absolute or SSI sensors,
backlash and lead screw error compensation, profile
smoothing, anti-resonance profiling, password protection,
memory expansion, piezo-ceramic motor compensation
Custom Built Products
Firmware and hardware customized to your specifications
The benefits of Galil motion controllers are many, including:
Galil's new DMC-21x3 Ethernet
controllers allow multi-axis drives to
be attached directly without additional
cables, saving wiring and cost.

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