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Galil Motion Control - 2004catalog
Galil Motion Control, Inc.
Galil. We Move The World
At, you will find a treasure-trove of
valuable information--much of which is free--to
keep you at the forefront of motion control technology.
Galil welcomes and encourages you to take advantage
of Galil's in-depth, technical website with detailed
information on products and a wide array
of application notes, articles, and on-line tutorials.
Product Specifications.View product descriptions,
pin-outs, command set and pricing on line.
On-line Bulletin Board.Post a question and have it
answered promptly by a Galil applications expert.Or,
search the subject index for questions and answers
similar to yours.
Galil understands your need to work within budgets and keep costs down. That's why Galil
absolutely guarantees that, with a minimum order of 100 high performance controllers within a 12-month
period, our price in the U.S. will always be less than that of any manufacturer. In fact, Galil's volume prices
are typically half that of the competition.
To be assured of this low price, you simply need to:
Present a competitive price for 100+ controllers from a valid price list published within 90 days from a
recognized manufacturer.
Show that competitive motion controllers are equivalent, i.e. matching bus type, number of axes, I/O options,
and quantity ordered.
Show that competitive motion controllers have the following high performance features: 1) each axis is individu-
ally configurable for stepper or servo motors, 2) on-board application program memory is provided with
symbolic variables and multi-tasking, and 3) on-board linear and true circular interpolation is provided with
unlimited segments and continuous motion.
With this guarantee, you have the word of Galil's top management that the prices you pay
for Galil high performance controllers will be the best you can get--anywhere.
elivering the Best Value -- Anywhere
Galil's price guarantee
assures economical
solutions for OEMs
Web-based Training on Motion Control.Galil's popu-
lar "Motion Control Made Easy"class has been con-
verted into a web-based course for your access 24/7.
This is available free with your purchase of a Galil
On-line Application Notes, Articles and Product
Manuals.Download complete technical information
to stay up to date on technology, trends and prod-
Web-based Tutorials.Browse a library with over
15 technical tutorials on a variety of subjects such as
tuning, programming and motor types.
Free Software Downloads.Download the latest Galil
communication drivers for all current versions of
Windows, Linux and Dos.

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