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Galil Motion Control - 2004catalog
Galil Motion Control, Inc.
gain familiarity with tuning and pro-
gramming motion controllers,
and can spend quality
one-on-one time with
Galil engineers to
discuss their indi-
vidual project.
To further
assure your suc-
cess, Galil works with
a worldwide network
of factory-trained, inde-
pendent representatives
who fully understand the
requirements of your spe-
cific application and stand
ready to provide an effective
demonstration of Galil motion
controllers.They also represent
manufacturers of motors,
encoders and drives which are compati-
ble with Galil motion controllers.
Galil -- A Vendor You Can Trust
Galil Motion Control has been at the forefront of
motion control technology ever since its founding in
1983 by Jacob Tal, acclaimed author, lecturer and engi-
neer in motion control; and Wayne Baron, an expert in
robotics and motion control. Back then, Galil intro-
duced the world's first microprocessor-based, single-
servo motion controller and the company hasn't
stopped innovating since. Now, the installed controller
base worldwide exceeds 350,000 units, demonstrating
proven product reliability and customer satisfaction.
Located in Rocklin, California, USA, Galil is a privately
held company that has maintained profitability for
over 70 consecutive quarters. You can be assured that
when you choose Galil controllers, they are backed by a
world-class, superior company with a highly successful
track record.
Cost-effective Solutions Give You
a Competitive Edge
Galil realizes how critical it is for OEM design engineers
to keep their equipment costs down, which is why we
designed all of our controllers to give you great
value--full-featured and very cost-effective. In fact,
we guarantee 100% that our pricing for 100 quantity
orders is the lowest in the industry. Go ahead and
compare our prices versus the competition.We confi-
dently publish our pricing in our catalog and at our
website--one of the few motion control companies
that does so. For example, Galil's 4-axis DMC-1842 PCI
bus controller costs only $795 in 100 quantity and
$395 in 1000 quantity.That's less than $100 per axis.
With prices this low, why bother to make your own
World-class Support Assures
Your Success
Every Galil controller you buy is backed by Galil's com-
mitment to superior customer support.This includes a
fully-trained technical support team with over 100
man years of motion control experience. Each member
has been personally trained by Dr. Jacob Tal, company
co-founder and highly respected pioneer and expert in
the field of motion control. Galil also offers a content-
rich website filled with information such as an on-line
bulletin board with a search feature, application bul-
letins and web-tutorials.
Galil has always made motion control education
a priority for our customers and offers a variety of
training classes to accommodate their busy sched-
ules. Training is directed by Dr. Jacob Tal, who has
personally taught over 10,000 engineers about
motion control. Jacob teaches his live, 4-hour "Motion
Control Made Easy" seminar at various locations. It is
also available as a web-based class and is on video.
Customers will also find our 2-day workshop a
great way to get a head start on their motion projects.
This workshop includes hands-on labs which enable
users to practice newly introduced concepts.Users also
The mission of
Galil's experienced
Department is to
provide prompt
and accurate technical
assistance to help
OEMs successfully
deliver their products
to market.

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