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Galil Motion Control - 2004catalog
Galil Motion Control, Inc.
why you should design your own controller when you
can rely instead on the expertise, cost-efficiency and
proven reliability of Galil.
Also, Galil provides numerous accessories such as
interconnect modules and cables for fast and easy
prototyping. Galil's software tools, such as WSDK for
servo tuning, speed system development.The ActiveX
Tool Kit allows users to create an operator interface
for their controller using Visual Basic, C/C++, .Net, etc.
In addition, Galil offers servo motors and amplifiers
to complement its line of controllers.
Easy-to-Use Controllers Get You
to Market Quickly
It has always been a top priority at Galil to design and
make motion controllers that are easy to use.That's
why Galil controllers use two-letter, English-like com-
mands to make programming controllers a snap. For
example, the command "BG" begins motion,"SP" speci-
fies the speed and "ST" stops motion.With over 200
commands, you can quickly and easily program a Galil
controller to handle virtually any application.
Additionally, our WSDK Servo Design Kit software is
a great tool for easily optimizing the performance of
your servo system. Simple "One-button" tuning auto-
matically selects the best PID parameters for your
Custom Solutions to Fit
Any Application
Galil is geared to deliver customized firmware and hard-
ware products built to your specifications--and they
can do so quickly and cost-effectively.For example,
hardware specials such as modified board size, custom
connectors, different communication and additional I/O,
are typically completed within a 12-week period with
engineering charges as low as $3,000.00.Firmware spe-
cials can be written for an unlimited number of require-
ments and are typically completed within two weeks
with engineering charges as low as $400.00.
Following is a sampling of custom firmware solu-
tions that Galil has provided:
Absolute encoder interface
Compiled application programs for high-speed
High resolution gearing
Coordinate transformation
Copy protection for application programs
Battery back-up for memory
Encoder integrity checking
Modulo position
Ramp-up to gearing
ECAM acceleration
Backlash and leadscrew compensation
And many more!
Galil. We Move The World
WSDK Servo Design Kit
software makes PID
tuning quick and easy

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