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Galil Motion Control - 1500
Encoder, A+, B+: Position feedback
from incremental encoder with two
channels in quadrature. The encoder
can be linedrive (±12 V) or TTL.
Note: Encoders that produce out-
puts in the format of pulses and
direction can also be used.
Encoder index, I+: Once-per-revolu-
tion encoder pulse; used in
Homing sequence or Find Index
command. Minimum index pulse
width is 120 nsec.
Encoder, A-, B-, I-: Optional differen-
tial inputs from encoder; used for
enhanced noise immunity.
Auxiliary encoder: Inputs for addition-
al encoder; used when encoders on
both the motor and the load are
: Stops commanded motion
instantly and also aborts application
: System reset.
Forward and reverse limit switch
When active, inhibits motion in
forward or reverse direction and
also causes the limit switch sub-
routine #LIMSWI to execute.
Home switch
: Input for Homing
(HM) and Find Edge (FE) instruc-
Input 1­ Input 8
: Uncommitted
inputs; can be defined by the user
to trigger events or interrupt pro-
gram. Inputs 9­24 available with
DMC-1550 ­1580 (inputs 9­16
are optoisolated, inputs 17­24 are
: High-speed position latch to
capture axis position within 25 µsec
(bypass optoisolation for .1 µsec
capture). AL command arms latch.
Input 1, 2, 3, 4 latches X, Y, Z, W
respectively. Inputs 9, 10, 11, 12
latches E, F, G, H respectively for
Analog 1­ Analog 7: Analog inputs
that can be connected to external
analog signals such as force or pres-
sure transducers. Can also be used
for position feedback. 12-bit resolu-
tion ADC for ±10 V input (16-bit
Analog motor command: ±10 V
range signal for driving servo
amplifiers; 16-bit resolution or
.0003 V, 3 mA.
Amp enable*: Signal to disable and
enable an amplifier. Amp enable
goes low when a motor-off condi-
tion occurs. For step motors, this
pin provides for reduced current
when low.
STEP OUT: Pulses for input to a step
motor driver. The pulses can be
either active low or high. Upon
Reset, the output will be low if the
SM jumper is on, Tristate if off. The
STEP OUT pin also provides the
PWM signal for servo motors.
Direction: Used with the STEP OUT
signal to give direction to step
motors or servo motors in the sign
magnitude mode.
Error*: The signal goes low when the
position error on any axis exceeds
the limit specified by the error com-
mand, ER.
Output 1­ Output 8: These 8 TTL out-
puts are uncommitted and can be
designated by theuser to toggle
relays and trigger external events.
The output lines are toggled by Set
Bit (SB), Clear Bit (CB), Define Bit
(OB), and OP instructions. Upon
reset these signals will be low.
Outputs 9 ­16 available with
* Active low
# Optoisolated 2.2 K
in series; requires at least 1 mA
to activate.
Specifications (continued)
Stand-alone RS232
DMC-1500 Stand-alone RS232 Controller
Galil Motion Control, Inc.

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