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Galil Motion Control - 1500
(VP) and circular moves (CR), in addi-
tion to the feed- rate (VS), vector accel-
eration (VA), and deceleration (VD).
There is no limit to the number of seg-
ments that can be specified allowing
long motion paths to be followed
without stopping. The coordinated
motion mode is useful when a con-
stant vector speed must be maintained
along a two-dimensional path, such as
in engraving or adhesive applications.
The vector speed can be changed at
any time during motion, which is ideal
for slowing down around sharp cor-
ners. The user can also command a
third axis to remain tangent to the
coordinated path, which is ideal for
cutting tools.
2-D path at constant vector speed.
XY motion plane
VS 10000
Vector speed
VP -4000,0
Segment AB
CR 1500,270,-180 Segment BC
VP 0,3000 Segment CD
CR 1500,90,-180 Segment DA
VE End of sequence
BGS Begin sequence
Motion Smoothing: To eliminate the
jerk of mechanical systems, the
DMC-1500 provides profile smooth-
ing. The acceleration profile is fil-
tered with the IT command for inde-
pendent moves and the VT com-
mand for coordinated moves.
Contouring: The contouring mode
allows the user to bypass the DMC-
1500 motion profiler and prescribe any
arbitrary position trajectory. Position
increments (CD) over a time interval
(DT) are specified for each axis. The
contouring mode is useful when com-
plex and computer-generated trajecto-
ries must be followed. An automatic
data recording feature allows the
DMC-1500 to "learn" a path and then
follow it in the contour mode.
Electronic Gearing: This mode
allows up to eight axes to be elec-
tronically geared to one master axis
which may or may not be a motor
controlled by the DMC-1500. The
master axis (GA) may rotate in both
directions and the geared axes will
follow at the specified ratios (GR).
The gear ratio can be changed during
motion. An axis can be geared and
do an independent or vector move
simultaneously. This is useful for the
precise synchronization required in
flying-shear applications. The elec-
tronic gearing mode eliminates
mechanical gears and is also useful for
gantry applications.
Electronic gearing. Example:
Y is master
GR 5,,-2.5
X ratio=5, Z ratio=-2.5
Specify Y distance
Specify Y speed
Specify Y acceleration
Specify Y deceleration
Begin motion
Electronic Cam: This mode allows
synchronizing up to seven axes with a
master axis according to any function.
The cam functions, which are speci-
fied by a table, define the required
position of the followers point by
point along the motion cycle. The
master axis may be a driven axis or
just a master encoder. It may rotate in
either direction.
The position of the master axis
and the follower axes may be
expressed in modulo form, limiting
the value to one cycle. This simplifies
the description of points and events
along the cycle.
Stand-alone RS232
DMC-1500 Stand-alone RS232 Controller
Galil Motion Control, Inc.

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