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Galil Motion Control - 1400
Point-to-Point Positioning: The user
specifies the desired absolute posi-
tion (PA) or relative position (PR),
along with the acceleration rate (AC),
deceleration rate (DC), and slew
speed (SP). Position can be interro-
gated at any time using the tell posi-
tion (TP) command.
PA 10000
Absolute position,
10,000 counts
SP 5000
Slew speed, 5,000
AC 200000
Acceleration rate
DC 200000
Deceleration rate
Begin motion
Jogging: The jog mode allows the user
to command the motor to run at a pre-
scribed jog speed. The user specifies
the jog speed (JG), the acceleration rate
(AC), and the deceleration rate (DC).
On begin (BG), the motor accelerates
up to the jog speed and continues at
that speed until a new speed or stop
command (ST) is issued. The direction
of motion is specified by the sign of
the JG parameter. The JG, AC, and
DC parameters can be changed at any
time during motion. Average speed can
be interrogated at any time using the
tell velocity (TV) command.
Motion Smoothing: To eliminate the
jerk of mechanical systems, the DMC-
141X provides profile smoothing. The
acceleration profile is filtered with the
IT command.
Contouring: The contouring mode
allows the user to bypass the DMC-
141X motion profiler and prescribe
any arbitrary position trajectory.
Position increments (CD) over a time
interval (DT) are specified. The con-
touring mode is useful when complex
and computer-generated trajectories
must be followed. An automatic data
recording feature allows the DMC-
1000 to "learn" a path and then follow
it in the contour mode.
Electronic Gearing: This mode allows
the motor to be electronically geared
to an auxiliary encoder. The master
may rotate in both directions and the
geared axis will follow at the specified
ratios (GR). The gear ratio can be
changed during motion. An axis can
be geared and do an independent
move simultaneously which is useful
for the precise synchronization
required in flying-shear applications.
Electronic Cam: This mode allows
synchronizing the motor with a mas-
ter encoder according to any func-
tion. The cam functions, which are
specified by a table, define the
required position of the follower
point by point along the motion
cycle. The master may rotate in
either direction.
The follower axis may be engaged
or disengaged independently at spe-
cific points along a cycle. This allows
starting and stopping the slave with
no discontinuity in speed.
The electronic cam is an ideal
mode for periodic operation, especially
those requiring varying gear ratio along
the motion cycle. Such applications
include flying shears, rotating knives
and packaging systems.
Dual Loop: The dual-loop encoder fea-
ture enables the DMC-141X to com-
pensate for backlash. There are two
compensation methods. The continu-
ous dual loop, which performs the cor-
rection along the move, and the sam-
pled dual loop, which performs the
correction at the final point.
In both cases two encoders are
used for each axis. The two are
mounted on the motor and on the
load. The continuous dual loop,
which is activated with the instruction
DV1, closes the position loop with
the load encoder and derives the
damping terms from the motor
encoder. This method provides back-
lash compensation along the motion
path. The sampled dual loop performs
the correction at the end of the move.
Homing: The home (HM) command
can be used to home the motor to an
external mechanical reference and an
encoder index signal. The home speed
(SP) is programmable and the polarity
of the home switch is selectable using
the (CN) command. Alternative hom-
ing sequences can be created with the
FE and FI commands.
ISA,PC/104, RS232
Galil Motion Control, Inc.
DMC-1400 ISA, PC/104, RS232 Controllers

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