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Suzuki - VZR 1800 Fuel Delivery Pipe Campaign Vin List (Page 1)

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Suzuki - VZR 1800 Fuel Delivery Pipe Campaign Vin List
VZR1800K6K7 Fuel Delivery Pipe Campaign Vin List.
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JS1CA121300100049 COMPLETED
JS1CA121300100058 COMPLETED
JS1CA121300100060 COMPLETED
JS1CA121300100061 COMPLETED
JS1CA121300100062 COMPLETED
JS1CA121300100063 COMPLETED
JS1CA121300100064 COMPLETED
JS1CA121300100066 COMPLETED
JS1CA121300100067 COMPLETED
JS1CA121300100068 COMPLETED
JS1CA121300100072 COMPLETED
JS1CA121300100077 COMPLETED
JS1CA121300100078 COMPLETED
JS1CA121300100079 COMPLETED
JS1CA121300100080 COMPLETED
JS1CA121300100081 COMPLETED
JS1CA121300100082 COMPLETED
JS1CA121300100083 COMPLETED
JS1CA121300100084 COMPLETED
JS1CA121300100086 COMPLETED
JS1CA121300100089 COMPLETED
JS1CA121300100091 COMPLETED
JS1CA121300100092 COMPLETED
JS1CA121300100093 COMPLETED
JS1CA121300100094 COMPLETED
JS1CA121300100098 COMPLETED
JS1CA121300100099 COMPLETED
JS1CA121300100100 COMPLETED
JS1CA121300100101 COMPLETED
JS1CA121300100102 COMPLETED
Notice of VZR1800 Fuel Delivery Pipe
Dear Suzuki Customer
Suzuki New Zealand Limited is conducting a
service campaign on selected Suzuki
motorcycles VZR1800 models.
This customer service campaign is so that
we can check the Fuel Delivery Pipe of your
Suzuki motorcycle for possible incorrect fuel
hose clamp postion which may result in fuel
Should find your Vin number on the list we
wish to request that you make contact, at
your earliest convenience, with an authorized
Suzuki dealership so that the necessary
arrangements can be made to provide your
Suzuki motorcycle to that service department
so the service campaign / recall can be
carried out on your motorcycle.
This campaign will be performed at no cost
to you all parts and labour are covered by
the service campaign.
You can contact us on-line by visiting our
website , click on the
"motorcycle home" button and select the
"contact" option and leave us a message in
the inquiry box.

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