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Cannondale Bicycle Corp. - 115644
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A good maintenance program is key to the reasonably safe and reliable operation of any vehicle. Developing and following
an effective maintenance schedule for your Gemini means addressing factors such as how often you ride, weather
conditions, terrain, and your riding style. For example, riding in wet and muddy conditions will shorten the time between
services because mud is abrasive and will accelerate the wear of bicycle components. The "Service and Maintenance"
section of your Cannondale Owner's Manual will help you start thinking about a maintenance program.
Given the potentially high level of abuse that your Gemini may be subjected to, we strongly suggest that you keep a log or
notes on all services and adjustments. It would be a good idea also to note races, particularly hard hits or crashes, or any
other event subjecting your bike to an unusually high level of stress. Remember ­ the harder you use your bike, the more
often it will need to be inspected and serviced. Your awareness of the condition of your bike will help you troubleshoot
problems, avoid part failures, and will be a great help to your mechanic when you encounter a repair you're unqualified to
make. While nothing we can tell you is absolute, and we can't predict how hard or often you'll ride, what follows is a good
starting point for your maintenance program.
In addition to the list of items we suggest carrying in the "Getting Home when Something Breaks" section of the
Cannondale Owner's Manual, you should (at minimum) have the following on hand when preparing to adjust or service
your Gemini:
1. Metric hex wrench set
2. Metric open-end or closed-end wrench set, or metric socket set
3. Torque wrench
4. High pressure air pump with gauge (such as Cannondale part # HD100/)
5. High quality bicycle grease
6. Loctite #242 and Loctite #262(or equivalents) thread locking compounds

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