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Cannondale Bicycle Corp. - 0115801
Publication Title:
Publication No.
Cannondale Kit # KF090/ -
Recumbent Pannier Rack
Product Instructions
About the Recumbent Pannier Rack
This rack has been design for Cannondale recumbent bicycles only.
See Fig. 1. The rack attaches to the seat base side plates and is
secured by the two existing seat assembly quick releases.
Using the rack keeps weighted panniers below your body, lowering cen-
ter of gravity and minimizing the effect additional bag weight has on the
handling of the bicycle. The rack is designed to carry compatible pan-
niers only.
Do not mount other types of bags or components to the rack.
Do not modify the rack for any reason.
Cannondale recommends a total maximum load of 25 Kg / 55 pounds
on this rack. This rack meets/exceeds the requirements of DIN 79121
and 79100.
Cannondale pannier hooks mounted on the lower rail of the
rack are optional and sold seperately. Order Cannondale kit #
A152/. To order this kit, call 1-800-BIKE-USA.
See our website for a complete list of Cannondale kits :
For your safety, before mounting the rack to your bike and using it, please read the installation instructions and follow the IMPORTANT
Be sure to consult the Cannondale recumbent owner's manual supplement Publication No.
for complete detail on removal
and reinstallation of the seat base assembly Go to
Contact Us:
Cannondale Bicycle Corporation
172 Friendship Road
Bedford, Pennsylvania 15522
(Voice): 1-800-BIKEUSA
(Fax): 814-623-6173
Cannondale Australia
Unit 2/6 Taronga Place
Mona Vale, N.S.W. 2103
(Voice): 011.612.9979.5851
(Fax): 61-29979-5688.
Cannondale Japan
12-5 Harayamadai
5-cho Sakai City
Osaka, Japan 590-0132
(Voice): 011.81.722.99.9399
(Fax): 0722-93-6166
Cannondale Europe
mail: Postbus 5100
visits: Hanzepoort 27
7570 GC Oldenzaal
(Voice): +31 541 573580
(Fax): 31-5415-14240
Fiigg.. 11
(optional Canno
ndale Kit # A152/)
Fiigg.. 22
Installing the Rack
1. Note the seat position as indicataed on the seat rails and open
both quick releases on the seat base. Slide the seat assembly for-
ward and off the seat rails. Be sure to handle the assembly carefully
so that when it slides off it does scratch or damage the frame finish.
2. Position the seat assembly upside down and remove both quick
releases from the seat base. To do this, remove the adjuster nut
and then remove the skewer and spring from the seat base.
2. Align the forward rack mounting brackets holes with the front seat
base holes. See Fig.2
3. Reinstall the quick release skewer, spring, and adjuster nut, mak-
ing sure that it passes through both mounting brackets on the rack
and the centrally located spring. Repeat with the rear quick release
and the rear mounting bracket. When you are done you will have a
seat and rack assembly that looks like See Fig. 3. and Fig 4.
4. Now to put the seat assembly with rack back onto the bike: Make
sure the groove in the plastic sliders aligns with the seat rails and
slide the seat assembly back onto the seat rails.
5. Readjust the quick release adjusting nuts to achieve a proper
and secure closure. Please also know that the rack mounting
bracket may not fit flush against the seat base plate. When you
readjust the quick release be sure to observe and compensate for
any gap that could result in improper or loose quick release closure.
Before riding we urge you to sit on the bike, apply both brakes very
hard and push against a pedal. The seat should not move back.

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