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Lego - Image brochure
Familiar to students everywhere, LEGO
bricks constitute a universal
language that transcends differences in age, gender, culture, and level of
At LEGO Educational Division, the emphasis is on learning and develop-
ment, and the products we offer for schools constitute complete
Classroom Solutions with relevance for the national curricula in subjects
such as computer technology, design & technology, maths and science.
The Classroom Solutions offer fun, challenging and highly motivating
activities that reinforce and expand the students' knowledge by giving
them an opportunity to learn through hands-on experience.
LEGO Educational Division provides the teacher with tools to ensure fun
and effective learning. As teaching is most effective when it involves
interplay between "instructionism" and "constructionism", our Classroom
Solutions help the teacher to complement her role as instructor with a
role as facilitator for groups of students actively involved in the problem-
solving process.
Our Classroom Solutions include a range of tools for providing the opti-
mal learning process and the optimal learning environment.
Classroom Solutions
for teachers and students
Linda Coulson,
Deputy Head Southey Green Junior School,
Sheffield, UK :
I found that many students needed
very little teacher input to solve the
problems and to work out the
principles behind the results they
were getting. Through class
discussions we summarised our
findings and I was quite amazed by
what the children had observed
and learnt through exploration.
Their knowledge and understanding
was at a much higher level through
using the LEGO Educational
Division kits than that of similar abil-
ity children who had covered work
on mechanisms, without the sup-
port of LEGO Educational Division.
LEGO Bricks
Activity Pack
User Guide

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