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Lego - Robosports
Pupil Worksheet
The Dragon
As your train approaches the dragon's lair, a
proximity sensor on the track will register it and the
following set of instructions will run:
start motor A for x seconds to move the
dragon forward
start motor B for x seconds to
move the dragon's head left
and right
start motor C for x seconds to move the
dragon's head and open his jaws
reverse motor A for x seconds to move the
dragon backwards
reverse motor B for x seconds to
move the dragon left and right
reverse motor C for x seconds to close the
dragon's jaws
stop the motors when another proximity
sensor is triggered by the departure of the
train from the area.
Pupil Name____________________________________________________
The Dragon Coaster
The dragon is keeping watch over his
treasure and you will see him as you go
around on the dragon ride.
He is operated by three
different motors that
assist him to move
forwards and
backwards, move his neck
left and right and move his
head left and right. He
moves when a signal is
received by sensors telling
him that a train is arriving.
Study the Dragon as you go past and think of what set of instructions he might
be following.
Teacher hints, cover this part of the worksheet before photocopying.

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