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Lego - Partners of LEGOLAND Deutschland
The world's biggest manufacturer of computer processors has supplied the LEGO
Academy with a number of lightning-fast computers equipped with Intel
processors, enabling LEGOLAND Park visitors big and small to explore the universe of
games and fantasy and check out all LEGO's most recent computer games, such as
LEGO Mindstorms and LEGO Systems. To top it all, they even have the option of
building a LEGO robot and using one of the computers to program it. As Intel's Vice
President Maria Marced says, 'The LEGO brand name as well as the products marketed
under it are known to guarantee high-quality entertainment. In cooperating with LEGO,
it is our goal to enable people of any age to experience fascinating new adventures in
entertainment as well as in learning.'
While everybody is still talking about wireless LANs, LEGOLAND Deutschland has it.
From Easter onwards, visitors to LEGOLAND Deutschland will be able to test Intel's
very latest Centrino Mobile Technology. Logging in at one of the so-called hot spots
(wireless internet access points), Park visitors can send a photograph of their most
memorable moment at LEGOLAND Deutschland direct to their friends and
acquaintances via email. A total of eight such hot spots linked by radio networks will be
installed in the Park, offering our visitors numerous opportunities of testing this
leading-edge technology and mailing photographs direct, live, and in color.
Our exclusive partner Langnese has something to sell that not only children love: ice-
cream in any and all variations. Anyone is sure to find his or her favorite chill at 'Prinz
Eis'n Herz' in the Land of Chivalry. There as well as elsewhere all over the Park, visitors
may treat themselves to popular packaged ice-cream products, scoops of fresh ice-
cream in cones, or Cornetto Soft to sweeten their stay. To round off this cooperative
venture, there are a number of joint nationwide advertising campaigns including, for
instance, the representation of LEGOLAND Deutschland on Langnese's ice-cream

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