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Lego - Photo Captions
LEGOLAND Photo captions
1. A Master Model Builder works on a building in San Francisco located in
Miniland USA at LEGOLAND
2. The bright colors of the interactive rides, Kid Power Towers and Sky Cruiser,
can be seen as guests enter LEGOLAND
for a day of family fun.
3. Wild antics of acrobatic firefighters thrill and teach the audience during The
Big Test show at LEGOLAND
California, a 128-acre family theme park, is located in the
beautiful seaside community of Carlsbad, just 30 miles north of San Diego.
Wave Racers at LEGOLAND
is the first dual-carousel
water ride in North America, riders skip waves and dodge water blasts set-off
by nearby guests.
6. Guests can peddle their way around above LEGOLAND
on the Sky Cruiser,
an electric powered monorail allowing guests to control the speed of their
7. A 9-foot tall, 34-foot long dinosaur made from 2-million LEGO
bricks greets
guests along a scenic Coast Cruise ride.
Coaster is an all-time favorite because of its 42-foot-
drop, tight hairpin turns, abrupt twists and wild 180-degree turnarounds.
9. Guests reach for the sky as The Dragon coaster whips around a steep curve.
This is one of the most popular rides at LEGOLAND
10. Crowds of tiny LEGO
brick people celebrate the passing of Mardi Gras floats
in the New Orleans area of Miniland at LEGOLAND
11. The Kid Power Towers stand high above LEGOLAND
California. Riders pull
themselves to the top then release the rope and take an exhilarating free fall
back to the ground.
12. Guests enjoy the grand tour on the Coast Cruise as they head from San
Francisco towards New York City at LEGOLAND
13. Beautiful white clouds roll in over the Capitol Building in Washington D.C.,
the 1:20 scale model is made of 380,000 LEGO bricks and is located in
Miniland at LEGOLAND

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