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Buffalo games - BG 2006 hires
Puzzles, Games, Demos and More!
Bonus Poster!
In response to consumer feedback,
we're now including a full-color,
fold-out poster in each new puzzle
to help with assembly. We expect
this value-added feature to be in
every puzzle by the end of 2006.
1000 PC PuZZLes
20 Disney Photomosaics
24 Disney Fine Art
26 Disney Vintage Posters
28 the simpsons
30 Looney tunes Photomosaics
31 Looney tunes Vintage Posters
32 Photomosaics
by robert silvers
35 William neill
36 Judy Larson
38 Hautman Brothers Collection
40 Wyland
42 norman rockwell
evening Post
500 PC PuZZLes
Muppets Postage stamps
Disney Postage stamps
52 Disney sketchbook
54 Audubon
56 Gary Patterson's Golf
57 Gary Patterson's Cats
58 Classic Cats
59 Guichard Lighthouses
60 the History Channel
12 All About... Celebrity
13 All About... Café
14 Disney World's Most Difficult
15 World's Most Difficult
16 Art Fraud
17 Lost in a Jigsaw
17 3D spherical
4 Faces
6 Last Word
8 iMAginiff...
10 Visualeyes
300 PC PuZZLes
300 pc LArGe size
Pirates of the Caribbean
2000 PC PuZZLes
2000 pc Puzzles
750 PC PuZZLes
45 norman rockwell Panoramic
46 Worldscape Panoramic
47 Cityscape Panoramic
retAIL suPPort
64 Pallet Program/Floor Displays
66 PoP/retail
2000 PC
1000 PC
750 PC
500 PC
300 PC
Buffalo Byte:
Throughout the catalog, look for these
entertaining yet informative tidbits of Buffalo lore.
Dear Friends,
What a journey! Twenty years ago, Buffalo Games was founded on a handful of
products and an even smaller handful of people, with the notion that consumers
were hungry and ready for unique, fun and rewarding puzzles and games.
Ten years later, after a great string of specialty puzzle successes, we
branded ourselves as "BGI", and soon introduced traditional jigsaw puzzles
and party games to our line. Tens of millions of people have enjoyed our
products during this time, although it dawned on me that something was
not quite right with our brand logo.
Every time I would hear consumers, buyers, or business partners refer to us, they would
invariably call us "Buffalo". While the "BGI" was bold and simple, it failed to capture the
essence of our company.
And so, as we head into our 20th year of
business, I'm excited to introduce our new
company logo - a more lively, more fun
and truer reflection of our company's spirit
and passion. Fun is what we are all about,
from our work environment to our product
line to our business relationships, and
now our logo says it too!
Thank you greatly and sincerely for your support, and I wish you a fun and prosperous year.
Best regards,
Paul Dedrick
2006 800 832 2331

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