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Buffalo games - PP 04 F
BUFFALO GAMES, INC. 220 JAMES E. CASEY DR. BUFFALO, NY 14206 (800) 832-2331 (716) 827-8163 FAX EMAIL:
If you look on the
inside back cover
, you'll see some
neat POP offerings to attract shoppers. There's a sleek,
four sided
Floor Display
­ that smartly creates a puzzle
section with a minimal investment. Our ever popular
"Half Cuts"
are fully assembled, framed puzzles ­ that draw
attention from all spots on your retail floor.
Finally, there's the BGI RoboDemoforcer, a 7 foot tall, carbon-titanium
cybergenetic robot that utilizes hypnosis and Grendallian logic to convince
shoppers to spend money in your store (currently not legal in most states).
Fall 2004
All Eyes on
Now in its second year, VisualEyes is really starting to hit its stride. We know people love
to play it, so our focus has been on getting shoppers to buy it from your shelves.
Although we first "soft-launched" VisualEyes in 2003, the game is now the benefactor of
a full marketing and promotions campaign. Here are just some of the highlights in 2004:
Check out pages 4-5 to see what the VisualEyes craze is all about!
the Puzzle Press
B U F F A L O G A M E S , I N C .
Top 10 List
Strongest Retailing
Products for
Our many long time customers
will notice a much larger product
catalog for 2004. It's now a
whopping 68 pages with over 155
products! We
thought a brief list
of hot items ­
things that we
know retail shops
are selling ­ would
be a great
reference for you.
1. Disney Photomosaics (pp.18-21)
especially Fantasia, Mickey,
and Pooh!
2. iMAgiNiff and VisualEyes (4-7)
magnificent party and
family games
3. Simpsons Photomosaics (22-23)
4. NYC Panoramics (49)
selling across the US
5. Audubon Songbirds (58-59)
6. Celebrity Photomosaics (24-25)
Elvis, Marilyn and James Dean
7. Hautman & Larson (30-33)
North American outdoors
and nature
8. Disney Sketchbook (52-53)
very hip puzzles
9. Eliminated due to high gasoline
10. All About... Elvis, Simpsons (8-9)
puzzles that tell a story!
Good news about
great puzzles
and gifts
Big Expansion in Buffalo
36,000 square foot expansion
of our
manufacturing facility is almost complete!
While it presently makes for little more than
an incredibly expansive practice facility
for the company hockey team, in no time at all it will be humming with the oh-so-sweet
sounds of the puzzle presses (the
ones) as they work feverishly to keep up with
demand. Thank you once again! It is your continued support that has necessitated our
growth and expansion.
· An interactive and
game is now
available. People
just love to play
with the
dice. It's
$12.50, and comes with a FREE game
for a full wholesale offset.
Order 185-DEMO
· Each game has a sticker announcing it's
Both a Top Party Game from GAMES
Magazine, and a Parent's Preferred
Choice by Creative Child Magazine
· VisualEyes will be
in 120 top markets - getting the
name of the game into consumers minds.
· To further engage shoppers, there's a
super-cool, extremely
version of VisualEyes
- on
Check it out!
· Picked for "
" - a
special event at NYC's Toy Building
where we got to play VisualEyes with
over 100 city children. One of only 10
games selected!

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