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Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archives - vol 1938 05 (Page 1)

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Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archives - vol 1938 05
Vol. I, No. 4
May, 1938
V e t s L e a d M a y D a y P a r a d e
MAY DAY-1938
May Day is a day for remembering the past, for gathering united
strength, for looking ahead. Labor and its friends, all who recognize
Labor's power and responsibility, raise on this day the principles and
demands on which the future is to be built. Hunger and Injustice must
cease; slums and child labor must go, and Negro discrimination; Tom
Mooney must be freed from prison, and women from servitude, and
youth from ignorance and insecurity. Above all, Labor demands the right
to organize and bargain collectively, so that these good things may be
assured to the people.
For these causes Labor marches today. For these causes banners fly,
slogans are chanted, and the feet of determined thousands pound our
streets. For these reasons, If they are attacked by an armed and bloody
reaction, Labor will lead a united people in armed resistance. Today is
the people's vote for democracy, the people's warning to those forces that
would destroy It.
The Spanish people voted for democracy; Franco revolted against this
democracy. The Spanish people voted for schools, and land, and living
wages, The reactionaries of Spain rose In blood and bullets against these
demands. The Spanish people voted for peace and in-dependence. They
have been answered by murder and a brutal attempt at foreign
Spain is a lesson no less for America than for all free and all threatened
peoples. Courage and self sacrifice we can learn from the Spanish
people, but we must join to this, organization and vigilance, that a like
revolt may not be made in this country. For this lesson, for the bulwark
the Spanish people are providing against the sweeping darkness of
fascism, for their devoted service toward saving America and all
countries from a world-wide slaughter, for these reasons the American
people owe the Spanish people their most generous and devoted support.
On May Day last year, the Veterans of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade
were in Spain, The day there was not for parades. Short meetings there
were, but in the trenches, in the training bases and hospitals, and
throughout the transport service the day was given to our regular tasks,
pursued with a heightened realization that the eyes of Labor the world
over were, especially on this day, upon us.
May Day this year finds 3,200 Americans still carrying on In Spain,
with the same devotion and the same courage. The thoughts of an
awakened America must be with them today; the assistance of an
awakened America must be extended to them.
It is fitting that we, the Veterans of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade,
should lead the May Day Parade and we are proud to do so. We have
taken part with the Spanish people in their determined struggle for those
objectives for which Labor all over the world is mobilized today. It is
right that we should, by our presence, remind New York and America of
what we have seen and of what we have fought for. It is right that we
should devote ourselves to the great task of determining that these things
shall not take place here.
We have seen with our own eyes the naked horror of fascism. America
may be assured that we shall not soon forget.
David McKelvy White
Another step in the growth of
our organization is the opening
of Veteran's headquarters in
New York, at 22 West 46th
Street. In addition to serving as
the national office, the New
York Chapter will also meet
A call has been issued by the
House Committee for material
brought back from Spain--
flags, etc., to decorate the hall
and to also help make our
headquarters an authentic
source for Spanish news, the
role of the International
Brigades and the Lincoln
Surely every American and
Canadian Veteran will feel that
22 Went 46th Street is his
home. From here we know that
we will be able to contribute
further to the fight for peace
and democracy.
Our headquarters must be
more than, a meeting hall,
lecture forum or club room. It
must be a rallying point for aid
to Spain, and for everything
progressive. Our job did not
stop when we came back from
Spain. The fight against
fascism here is different from
the way we fought it in the
trenches. At times it may be a
harder fight, but whatever the
difficulties, our slogan and
pledge rings out as ever:
el Faseiamo.
Veterans of the Abraham
Lincoln Brigade will head the
May Day Parade in which more
than a half million people
will take part.
The place of honor was
accorded the Vets by the 1000
delegates to the May Day
conference. New York's trade
unionists and fraternal
organizations will be in the
procession, which takes a day to
pass the reviewing stand.
The Vets will march in the
same formation as when they
were in Spain-three abreast.
Some will be unable to march,
because of their wounds. It is
planned to have several
automobiles in which they will
Floats depicting Spain's fight
against international fascism
and the role of the Lincoln
Brigade in Spain will also be
featured. In addition, many
thousands of members of the
Friends will march.
secretary of the Veterans and
delegate to the May Day
conference which planned the
parade, expressed the feelings of
the soldiers who fought in the
tradition of Abraham Lincoln.
"May Day will be the proudest
moment in the lives of we
Veterans, when we march
shoulder to shoulder with the
peace-loving and democratic
people of New York."

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