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Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archives - vol 1938 05 (Page 4)

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Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archives - vol 1938 05
Villanueva de la Jars:
The kids marching in front of the
barracks anal singing "On the Line."
The reception and fiestas for the
fifteen men who came home on leave
and the send off they got from the
Lincoln Battalion . . . Doctor Fogarty
and his pills . . . "Goat stew" . . . The
lecture that Dr. Pike gave us and the
crack that Joe Gordon made (ask him
what he said) . . . Form diamonds . . .
Night maneuvers . . . Cafe con Leche
(goat milk) . . . That girl in the candy
store . . . Our first bull fight at Motilla
. . . Bob Minor . . . Night patrol .
The time McDonald hooked the
"Enemies" chow (ask Gene Morse
about this one) . . . When Frank Ryan
spoke to the Irish boys . . . Digging
trenches . . . Rifle practice . . .
The "Last Supper" at the bull ring in
Albacete . . . The inspection by Andre
Warty . . . The convoy . . . The five
shots when we stopped . . . The dog
fight over Morata . . . Two Fascist
planes downed . . . The Belgian kid
singing "Chee Chee" - . . Our first
bombardment . . . When we walked
all around the hill . . . Over the top on
the twenty-third . . . Charlie Edwards .
. . Chelebian . . . Rudolf* de Armas . .
. The lemonade in the stew .
The Madrid-Valencia road (still
The hospital "Universidad . . .
Concha, that lovely nurse . . . Ask
Ruby Kaufman to tell you about his
room mate in the Socorro Rojo
hospital . . . Refugios . . . The doctor
who said "Bueno Manana" (A. Harris
can tell you about him) . . . Bob
Wolk's funeral . . . The time
Merriman waited three days at the R.
R. station for his wife and then she
came in on a bus on the fourth day . . .
Cerveza at the New York Bar . . . The
anti-Fascist exhibition.
Villa Dombrovski . . . Villa Ralph
Fox . . . The blue Mediterranean ...
... The posada in town . . . The
political commissar in the Villa Ralph
Fox . . . Dr. Ettelson ... American
The diet kitchen . . . Swimming all
day . . . The cantina .
The trenches . . . Castellon . . Dancing
every Saturday night . . . The library .
. . The July fourteenth demonstration.
A Parody
On A Well-Known Poem*; Even As Coughlin's Teachings
Are A Parody On a Well-Known Religion.
"You're a priest, Father Coughlin," a Catholic cries,
"And you spout about brotherly love;
Yet your pleas for mass murder resound through the skies-
Is this logic inspired from above?"
"In my youth," says the puppet, "I mouthed about peace
In the hope that 'twould get me ahead;
But I've learned. that my bank account tends to increase When I scream
for the blood of the 'Red'."
"You're well fed," said a lad to the clerical boor,
"And you've grown just a tiny bit fat;
Yet you advocate starvation pay for the poor-
Pray, how do you reconcile that?"
"In my youth;" he replied, "I determined to be
The champion of those who need bread
Till I learned I could earn a more sumptuous fee
By proclaiming them better off dead."
Some 2,000 Catholics slaughtered last week
By the bombs of the black-shitted horde;
Yet you would deny them the succor they seek-
Can this be the will of our Lord?"
The Reverend Father grew red in the face.
He called in a bouncer and said,
"Butch, throw the damned Communist out of the place!" Then he
kneeled and looked under the bed.
Phil Haydock
* You Are Old, Father William, by Lewis Carrol.
Peaceful Transitions
typewriter -Carl Bradley, Jo&
Whalen and Ruby Kaufman.
And of all things-Hy Reinlieb
has taken to reading poetry. Also
get a load of Reinlieb, when he
goes "English" on us.
Sammy Kornblatt's "Soldier
from Spain" in the mag "Among
Friends:" Its sure fire stuff.
General Gordon has got it all
figured out.
"Watch the Loyalist army in
the next few months," says be,
"and you'll see the greatest
offensives yet launched by the
Spanish government due to a
greater unity of all forces and the
continuing arrival of. war
materials." yea haven't been
wrong yet, Joe.
This and That
Give Schindler a flag, place
him at the head of a parade, and I
dare anyone to block his path.
News from Chicago shows that
our "Post" there is doing
excellent work. Here is an
incentive for other sections of
the country to duplicate. Let's
hear from you Vets.
Hy Stone joined the "Marital
Brigade" on the ninth o! April . .
. Salad to you and your bride . . .
The "Brigade" sure is growing
fast, for Eugene Finick, the pilot
who was shot down and had to
ball out in a fight when "Our
Gloriosa" was outnumbered
three to one, has entered into a
successful engagement .with the
nurse who helped him regain his
health She is muy guapa y
Phil Bard who has been ill is
back with the "Friends" once
more and we say-"Bueno Salad
to you, Phil!"
It looks like Joe Gordon will
be a model husband soon, for
he's got his eyes on a certain
Little Jerry Warren and his
sweet Ethel should be ready
about this time to say the "I
Famous Last Words:
Meet me at the "International
Hasty Luego Rappy.
Two Men ...
(Continued from Page 3)
ers throughout the world.
Yes, Mr. Honeycombe, you are out of the
real scene now. You can go to the movies
and see your version of how war should be
conducted, according to Hollywood
photography. Yes, dream on, kiss your
stupid heroine. Reality is too much for you.
You have earned the contempt of the anti-
fascist fight era of the world. They do not
fear to come to grips with reality. You,
Honeycombe, are a deserter, a traitor, you
fabricate lies. You will always be despised
by decent mankind. You walk alone. Turn
not and look around at reality, lest you
become petrified by fright.
Our second soldier is awarded the Medal
of Valor, the highest award that the Spanish
Republic bestows upon its outstanding
antifascist fighters. Our hero personifies the
qualities of our boy in Spain. It is true not
everybody can be awarded the Medal o!
Valor. An unusual situation has to occur.
Our hero is capable of facing terrific odds
and coping with the situation. He comes
from the ranks of real fighters who are
fighting today in
Spain. Our hero thinks and acts
against the fascist monster of
war. His mental attitude is such
that it generates in him a great
courage. Knowing full well to
expect the abnormal conditions
created by war, he carries on
right now in Spain. His name
is Fred Kelley.
We who have been in Spain
and fought, can understand
why he was awarded the
Medal of Valor. We who have
returned wounded after active
service rendered in Spain, have
been awarded honorable
discharges from the
International Brigade to carry
on the fight against
international fascism in our
own country. Ws see in you,
Fred Kelley, the quality of our
boys who fought and are still
fighting in Spain to overthrow
fascism. Salad Fred Kelley and
our comrades in Spain.
Harry Reinlieb.
J O I N T H E F R I E N D S O F T H E L I N C O L N B R I G A D E !
Chicago Plans Installation
Chicago Vets will be hosts to local friends
o! Spanish Democracy at their Installation
Smoker and Dance, to be held on May
28th at the Sons of Israel. Ballroom, 816
North Michigan Avenue. An excellent
program has been arranged, including skits
by the Chicago Repertory Group and
Spanish singers
and dancers. The Vets will also
entertain with songs and
anecdotes from Spain.
Dancing and refreshments will
follow the program. Heading
the arrangements committee
are Michael Raddock, Maurice
Sennett, Jack Jordan and
George Thurston.

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