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Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archives - vol 1938 04 (Page 1)

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Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archives - vol 1938 04
OUR MOTTO: Stand with anyone that stands right. Stand with him while he is right. Part with him when he goes wrong. ABRAHAM LINCOLN.
VOL. I, NO. 3
Vets Support Collective Security
JANUARY 30, 1933.
Bloody Sunday, the climax of fifteen
bombardments in 11 days.
The sirens screech their warning
throughout the city, a wailing sound
fascists planes are in sight. People stop
dead in their tracks. Some run helter-
skelter, faces become pale with fright,
women laugh in that terrible hysterical
laugh that only women are capable of.
Women scream for their children. They
press the children to their bodies. The
children react to the hysteria. They let
out maniacal screams Some go
completely mad. The men try to console
the woman and the children but to no
avail. The planes appear over the city.
They drop their bombs upon the houses.
The screams become louder. People are
smashed to pieces by the bombs,
buildings collapse, a tomb for men,
women, and children. The planes have
done their destruction with great
accuracy. They encircle the city and go
out towards the sea. The sirens wail
again. The planes are out of sight People
pour out of the buildings. Men are hold-
ing women under their arms to help them
walk. They seem to be paralyzed almost
incapable of movement. The men edge
them on. They also look haggard and
worn. Women age quickly under such
conditions. Emergency crews are
working feverishly to get to the bodies.
That which was once a human form is
now a mass of crushed flesh and bones
The men shovel up the crushed flesh and
put It in baskets. the blood seeps through
the baskets. Identification is impossible.
The Fascists sadists grin their diabolical
grin fee, fi, fo, fum, the blood of women
and children of Barcelona does run-the
poetry of Fascism.
Hy Reinlieb.
Ques.: "Rep. O'Connell, when do the
hearings on your bill begin?"
O'Connell: "March 29."
Ques.: "Do you expect your bill to pass?"
O'Connell: "At present its hard to say, but I
am sure the present Neutrality Act will be
repealed. This in itself is a great victory.
Now more than ever we must fight

for democracy and peace to keep America
out of war and "the only way to keep
America out of war is to keep war out of the
Q. Rep. O'Connell, are you for quarantining
the aggressors as President Roosevelt stated
in his Chicago speech?
O'Connell: "Absolutely. America must take
the lead in preserving peace if another world
war is to be averted".
Q. Rep. O'Connell, I read where Mr. Smith,
assistant Secretary of State
is for collective security. Is this true?
O'Connell: "Yes, I believe Mr. Smith, assistant
Secretary of State, is for collective security".
Q. Rep O'Connell, to whom could we write
besides our congressmen and senators urging
the passage of your bill?
O'Connell: "Well, Mr. McReynolds, chairman
of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs.
Mr. McReynolds has come to my office to
discuss my bill and this is very significant, if
one knows Mr. McReynolds".
Q. Rep. O'Connell, what is a real test at the
present time for a Congressman or Senator to
take if he is a fighter for peace?
O'Connell: "Well, a real test for a lover of
liberty, peace is to make a speech on Spain in
defense of Spanish Democracy on the floor of
the House of Representatives or floor of the
Q. Rep. O'Connell, in the fight to get your bill
passed what are some points we should always
keep in mind?
O'Connell: "When you write to your
Representatives and Senators don't get
discouraged by the non-committal answers you
receive from them. Explain to people what the
bill is and how it will help in the fight for
liberty and justice. Explain the dastardly role
the Neutrality Act is playing against the
Spanish people, a people who are seeking
pursuit of happiness in defense against the
German and Italian invasion".
March 22. Sec. of
State Hull announced that the present embargo on
shipments of arms, ammunition, and implements of
war to Spain is not to be lifted, and also a decision
by the House Foreign-Affairs Committee to
postpone indefinitely the scheduled neutrality
Veterans! Write immediately urging the Foreign-
Affairs Committee not to postpone the neutrality
Printed for Social and Educational Use, by
the Vets of the Lincoln Brigade.

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