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Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archives - vol 1938 04 (Page 2)

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Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archives - vol 1938 04
"The Volunteer
for Liberty"
Organ of the
125 W. 45th Street
New York, N. Y.
National Commander: Paul Burns
Adjutant Commander: Douglas
Executive Secretary: Carl Bradley
Editorial Staff
Irving N. Soloway
Charles Rhine
Bill Krafsur

Dust and dirt
rich in mud,
and the rotten stink of bodies;
Anti-fascist DUDDIES ... d'ya under-
Against war,
and look. Soldiers
being killed.
A bullet!
Their name written on it...! and Du
Do you know what it is to die?

The fire has spread to Spain.
A world being re-divided
Is this the time for...?
and Committees........?
D'ya hear overthere?
Can you hear? Yes, OVERTHERE!
Democracy's plea No! Challenge!
'Its better to die standing,
then to live on bended knee".
And these the words of a woman!
Listen America!
Hear the rumble!
Learn! ... and act quickly.
Don't stumble.
Because it may be too late!
D'ya understand OVERTHERE!

Irving N. Soloway.
"Order of The Day"
Events during the past week bear witness to the desperate need for unity within the ranks of
who cherish democracy and freedom, Only such unity will enable our own democracy to
escape the tragedy of war. Only such united action as nukes for national and international
action against 'bandit nations" can prevent the further spread of war. Now while gorged
with the blood or innocent victims prepares the holocaust, now while reaction prepares to
set the world on fire, New, Now, is the time to cry Halt!
With the rape of Austria and the threatened invasion of Czechoslovakia before us as further
evidence of calendar of was, the peace forces within our own nation must see the necessity
for, cooperation and for collective security.
With the Spanish people and our own heroic comrades of the International Brigades
lighting gallantly against terrific, odds imposed by fascist intervention and hypocritical
"neutrality" legislation we, veterans of the Lincoln Brigade must do our part by exposing
the sham of such "neutrality". legislation as sets as a quarantine upon democracy. We must
expose the dangerous illusion of isolation as a deadly enemy of peace.
We have seen the results of that "neutrality" practiced by our own government The United
States forbids the shipment of arms, munitions and other war supplies to Loyalist Spain but
permits the shipment of such supplies to Italy and Germany who promptly trans-ship them
to General Franco to be used against the democratic government of Spain, Yet this
procedure is perfectly legal according to the provisions of our "neutrality" laws because,
although Fascist Italy and Germany are actually invading Spain, they have as yet made no
formal declaration of war against the Loyalist government. For that matter Japan having as
yet made no formal declaration of war against China cannot from a strict interpretation of
our "neutrality" laws be considered an aggressor. Obviously our "neutrality" laws far from
being a source of protection to democracy serve as the hand-maiden of war and fascist
Similarly, a policy of isolation fostering a false sense of security will only encourage acts of
aggression. In addition to which a policy of isolation contributes to that attitude of mind
which gives expression to its panic in demands for increasingly large armaments programs.
Isolation uses a heavy armaments program as a form of life insurance. Isolation clearly thus
far has failed to stop war and aggressor nations who make war.
Collective security is the only security against war. Concerted action by all the democratic
nations of the world would have made Italian and German intervention impossible
providing such action was directed against these two aggressor nations. Such an instrument
as the O'Connell Peace Bill provides for a policy of concerted action, defines aggressor
actions and thus prevents its being employed as a weapon against democracy.
We veterans must do our part to bring unity to the peace movement In America. We must
recognize that isolationist measures sponsored by such enemies of peace and democracy as
William Hearst are being used to deceive thousands of peace loving American citizens into
committing our own nation to a policy that will only make it vulnerable to war. We must
prevent such splitting of the peace forces, and bring ever greater support to such peace
legislation as the O'Connell Bill H. R. 527.
We who have been In the frontline trenches of democracy must continue to fight for
democracy by building a powerful peace movement in America. We must take our stand in
America. This is the order of the day.
Let us join with all men of good will In the fight for peace Our slogan continues to be No
National Commander

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