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Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archives - vol 1939 10 (Page 4)

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Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archives - vol 1939 10
At the August 16 meeting of the New
York Post of the Veterans, Lou (Levine)
Kupperman was expelled from the Vets
organization on the following charges:
supporters or the Abraham Lincoln
Brigade and undermining their confidence
in the anti-fascist struggle of the Spanish
Slandering the men and the leadership of
the International Brigade and the Spanish
Republican Army.
Hindering the program of rehabilitation
of the wounded men who fought in Spain
and slandering the Veterans of the
Abraham Lincoln Brigade.
Spreading false statements about the
number of casualties in Spain.
Kupperman arrived in Spain late is 1937
and joined the Lincoln Brigade at the end
of February, 1938. He went into action on
March 10, 1938, and was slightly wounded
in the toe the first day in the lines. He
never returned to the front again. At the
evacuation Hospital near Olot, he carried
on disruptive activity. He was repatriated
in September, 1938.
Lou Kupperman is not representative of
the Veterans of the Abraham Lincoln
Brigade and we are not responsible for his
actions. He is not to be confused with Lou
(Steve) Levine, who is a veteran in good

Executive Committee.
New York City Post.
Veterans of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade.
All the vets are fathers now. No, we're
not kidding--even the unmarried vets are
fathers, and there's nothing wrong about
it. Dolores de Pedro de la Cruz is our
daughter's name, and every one of us is
responsible for her since we adopted her
through the Foster Parents Plan. Every vet
should make a point of writing her a
letter. Address her by name end with the
addition of her number in the colony --
264-- care of The Foster Parents Plan, 55
West 42nd Street, New York City.
Dolores comes from Gijon, Asturias.
Her father has been dead for some time,
and her mother is in Barcelona. Her sister
is with her in the same colony. They left
Gijon September 7 in an English ship just
before the Fascists occupied the northern
provinces, and spent two months at a
refuge at Ribas and another three months
in Barcelona. There was, of course, very
little food, and they could not get milk.
When she arrived at the Foster Parents'
colony she was ill and weak, but has
progressively grown stronger and
healthier. Now she is nine years old--her
Birthday is March 21--and the head of the
colony reports that she is very vivacious
and one of the most attractive children
there. She is small for her age, with clear
olive skin and big brown eyes. Her sister
wants her to be a nurse, but she wants to
be a salesgirl.
When you were in Spain you tried to
get to know the Spanish girls--with very
little success. Here's your chance to get
acquainted with a real one--la Asturiana--
so don't fail to write her a line.
the hall in a hurry, dropping the leaflets in
the stairs. Dan Sugrue brought a leaflet to
the platform, and it was read aloud to the
meeting. The sentiment of the Vets was
for immediate action toward expulsion of
Thomas from the Post, and this
recommendation was turned over to the
membership committee for investigation.
Reports have been coming in front all
aver the country expressing the approval of
the Posts of the proposed National
Convention to be held on the Christmas
weekend in New York City. So far
Chicago, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Los
Angeles end San Francisco have sent
The plan as it stands until now--and still
subject to discussion and changes--calls for
a mass meeting on the opening night of the
Convention, and a dance on Saturday
night, December 23. The rest of the time
will be taken up with committee and
general sessions to discuss such matters as
the purposes and perspectives of the
Veterans, the problem of rehabilitation, the
Volunteer for Liberty, the auxiliary
organizations, the constitution and by-laws
and the election of national officers.
The proposed representation is that each
Post be entitled to one delegate for each
100 members or major fraction thereof, but
at least two delegates, regardless of the
Post's membership. The New York Post is
to be responsible for all arrangements,
including the housing of delegates, each
Post is to pay for the transportation and
maintenance of its own delegates. It is
proposed that fraternal delegates be invited
from Canada, Cuba and Mexico.
A memorandum on these proposals was
sent to all members of the present national
executive committee and to all Post
Commanders. The New York Post is very
anxious to get replies from those that
haven't yet joined in the discussion, so that
we'll be able to go ahead with plans.
Naturally, it is expected that the ideas be
discussed by the membership meetings of
each Post. But hurry up, so we can get you
sitting on benches by Christmas.

Freddie Kelley was elected Po st
Commander at the August 16
membership meeting of the New York
Post. Freddie had been acting
commander since Marty Hourihan left
for California, and the vets thought he
was pretty successful at it. Marty was
given a vote of thanks in appreciation of
his services through the Post's difficult
times last year and for his excellent work
in the Friends of the Abraham Lincoln
The last issue of the Volunteer
carried the address of the British
organization that corresponds to
ours. Now, for any of the vets who
have friends among the Canucks, we
give the address of their outfit. It's:
Friends of the Mackenzie-Papineau
43 Scott Street.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
If you vets have pictures, stories or
letters that we can use for the
Volunteer, send them in. It's your
paper, and it'll be as good as you
make it.

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