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Wilderness Medical Society - snowmass 2005 (Page 12)

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Wilderness Medical Society - snowmass 2005
The guidance provided the physician by Mountain Travel-Sobek is one of the best in the
business and it is reproduced here as an indicator of the information a physician requires,
and what should be expected of the physician's assessment.

Note to the Physician
In the Mountain Travel-Sobek Catalog, each of our trips
has a descriptive line indicating what conditions can be
expected on the trip. Some examples are: "Easy to
moderate walking, medium elevation, no camping,"
"Rugged road travel, optional walking, high altitude, no
camping," "or Strenuous walking, high elevation, 15 nights
"Easy" generally indicates short hikes of 2-4 hours or
optional walks at low elevation. "Moderate" indiactes
hiking over varied terrain for 4-6 hours per day at
elevations usually less than 15,000 feet. "Strenuous"
signifies hiking over potentially steep terran, longer hikes
and/or high altitudes. "Mountaineering" incorporates
"Strenuous" hiking conditions at altitudes that may reach
20,000 feet. Some trips have no hiking but are strenuous,
particularly for persons over age 65, because of high
altitude and long jarring vehicle travel by bus or jeep on
remote mountain roads--or more unconventional means of
travel such as camel or elephant.
For details of this trip, please read the Trip Itinerary which
is provided to each trip member, paying special attention to
the "Qualifications" paragraph.
Medical facilities may not be available on Mountain
Travel-Sobek trips; on mountaineering trips, local facilities
are non-existent, and evacuation is prolonged and difficult.
A trip physician may not accompany the trip.
High altitude mountaineering expeditions pose a special
health risk to participants. Please read the letter prepared by
Mountain Travel-Sobek on health problems at high
altitudes that is intended for both client and physician. It
will help you counsel your patient as to whether or not he
or she should participate in such an expedition.
We have not standard physical form but do expect a
thorough medical examination with emphasis on
cardiovascular and respiratory status, peripheral circulation,
blood pressure and any potentially debilitating problems--
e.g., gall bladder disease, kidney stones, asthma, active

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