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International Centre for Research and Training on Seabuckthorn - Wang Yuanchang
Selection of Superior Economic-Ecotype
Seabuckthorn Plants
Wang Yuanchang, Zhang Rongjun and Chang Yuzhong
(Xifeng Experimental Station of Soil and Water Conservation of the Water Conservancy Commission of
the Yellow River, Xifeng, Gansu Province, P. R. China)
4 superior F
-plants were selected for economic and ecological purposes from 52
observed families of seabuckthorn. The study found that 100-fruit weight was 200% higher than
the control plants, the average single plant yield increased by 413.8%, and the thorn number on
10cm-long branches of 2-year-old plants decreased by 20%.
Key words
: Seabuckthorn, Economic-ecotype, Selection
As a superior plant for ecological improvement in the Loess Plateau, seabuckthorn is being
planted on a large area. At present, seabuckthorn seeds mainly come from the wild. The plants
cultivated by the seeds have small fruits, with many thorns and low yield (Fu 1998). Guided by
Chinese Academy of Forestry, selection of the improved seabuckthorn plants has been conducted
since 1991 at the Water and Soil Conservation Institution, the Yellow River Water Conservancy
Committee, in order to improve the economic and ecological benefits and to promote poverty
alleviation in the afforestation area. So far, 4 economic-ecotype plants were selected from 30 mu
of first-generation experiment plot. Their economic index is far higher than that of control plants.
They provide seeds for the nursery garden.
1. General Situation of the Experimental Plot
The experimental plot is located in the Southern River Watershed, Houguanzai Township,
Gansu Province. It belongs to the Loess Plateau gully area, N latitude 35
41'; E. longitude 107
30'; with 3060h of sunshine per year; and an annual average temperature of 9.3
; the highest
temperature being 35.7
C and the coldest 22.6
C; a frost-free period of 156 days; an altitude of
1153 meters above sea level; and with alluvial soil.
2. Materials and Methods
2.1 Materials
The experiment materials came from high-quality natural-pollination seeds nationally selected
in 1992.There are 62 kinds altogether, 16 from Keshiketen county, lnner Mongolia (named MK),
15 from Fengning county, Hebei province (HBF); 18 from Zhengyuan county, Gansu Province
(GZ); 5 from Danghe county, Gansu province (not included in the test because of its weak growth
and fruitlessness); 4 from Linyou county, Shanxi province (SL) and another 4 from Huanglong,
Shanxi province (SH). The local original seeds were planted as control samples.
2.2 Design
Seabuckthorn seedlings were raised in 1993 using the improved seeds nationally selected in
1992. In 1994, the F
test plot was established with 63 families, including one local control sample.
Different families of the same geo-region were planted at random.
2.3 Management of the field
A local level of management (natural growing) was adopted without fertilizing, watering and
2.4 Characteristics observed
Height, ground diameter of the plant
Length, width and density of the leaves.
Number of thorn on 10cm-long branches of one and two-year-old plants
Yield of single plant.
Fruit diameter and 100-fruit weight.

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