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International Centre for Research and Training on Seabuckthorn - Miscellaneous
Baginskaya 1998). Therefore, the treatment of seeds with both phytohormones NAA and GA3
consolidates the genotypical connection between total dry matter and total sugars in fruit pulp. It can
be used, for example, for breeding purposes for group selection of the most prospective genotypes
(Skuridin, no year).
A significant correlation between total fruit oil and carotenoids content had been determined in
fruits of the control group. As is known, a reason for this correlation is the ecological or modification
factor of general variability that realizes ecological differences during the vegetative period (Skuridin
and Baginskaya 1998). The GA3 treatment results in increase of this correlation value, while both GI
and NAA decreased it significantly. It indicates that 8-year-old plants raised from GA3 - treated seeds
are more sensitive to microvariations of characteristics of their environment during the vegetative
period. Such kind of variations is always present during cultivation under field conditions. On the
contrary, NAA and GI led to more resistance of these characteristics to environmental fluctuations.
The correlation between total organic acids and ascorbic acid is marker one for the dynamic (or
seasonal) factor of biological variability (Skuridin and Baginskaya 1998). It reflects the interrelations of
characteristics within fruit growth and development. None of the treatments except GA3 affects this
parameter. This phytohormone led to a significant decrease of this dynamic marker correlation. As
mentioned above, the GA3-treatment resulted in a decrease of the mean VPI value. Thus, most of the
experimental plants had finished the growth period at the time of fruit harvesting and all fruits had
reached full biological maturity. The influence of dynamic factors of variability seems to be decreased.
So, the slow influence of dynamic factors can serve as an explanation for the reduction of this marker
correlation in this group of plants.
Thus, the results of this investigation allow us to draw the following conclusions:
1. Treatments of germinating seabuckthorn seeds with GI, NAA and GA3 can develop long-term
effects within a range of years.
2. Different agents led to various long-term effects.
3. Long-term effects can influence the correlations that are due to certain variability factors:
genotype, ecological or dynamic.
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