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International Centre for Research and Training on Seabuckthorn - Miscellaneous
Seabuckthorn Xin Xue Kang Oral Liquid can improve blood flow features, decrease blood viscosity
and plasma viscosity, reduce fiber proteinogen, check erythrocyte sedimentation, blood platelet
adhesion and thrombogenesis in vitro.
Influence of Seabuckthorn on Microclimate
Guo Zhongsheng
(Institute of Soil and Water Conservation, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Ministry of Water Resources,
Yangling, China)
Fully-developed seabuckthorn forests can reduce solar radiation energy by 29.6% in the
leafless period and 41.0% in the growing season, and decrease temperature by 0.1C - 0.3C. The
forest can reduce the temperature of the top soil inside the forest by 4.3C
and the degree of
reduction is abated along with the depth of the soil. The relative humidity inside the seabuckthorn
forest is increased by 18.9% in the leafless period and 2.5% in the growing season. Wind velocity is
reduced by 61.1-84.6%.
Comprehensive Evaluation of the Feed Value of
Hippophae rhamnoides Linn. ssp. sinensis Rousi.
Hu Jianzhong and Yan Xiaoling
(Xifeng Experimental Station of Soil and Water Conservation,
Water Conservancy Commission of the Yellow River,
Ministry of Water Resources, 745000 P. R. China)
The comparison of feed values of Hippophae rhamnoides Linn. ssp. sinensis Rousi. (HRS)
and 15 other types of feed showed that the feed value of leaves and seeds of HRS is lower than that
of soybean, broad bean, pea and powdered leaves of sophora (Sophora japonica Linn.), but higher
than others tested. Crude fat and crude protein of HRS leaves, seeds and fruit residue can meet the
requirements for animal feed. Calcium and phosphorus are insufficient and need to be supplemented
through stone powder, eggshell, shell and bone meal. The feed value of fruit residues of HRS is lower
than that of the leaves and seeds. The development of leaves, seeds and fruit residues of HRS
should have potential as feed, and feed additives for livestock and poultry.
Research and Development Status of Seabuckthorn in
Cold Deserts of Western Himalayas-India
R. P. Awasthi and H. P. Sankhyan
(Dr. YS Parmar University of Horticulture and Forestry, Solan 173 230 HP India)
In India, a vast stretch of harsh, inaccessible and temperate area constituting 74,809 sq.
km (about 4.74% of total area) designated as cold deserts in the North-Western-Himalayas is located
in Leh and Kargil districts of Jammu & Kashmir and Lahaul & Spiti district with some parts of Chamba
and Kinnaur districts in Himachal Pradesh. The district Lahaul Spiti of Himachal Pradesh is a cold dry
zone and has sparse vegetation particularly in the Spiti area. Harsh climatic conditions, rugged terrain,
undulating slopes and sandy porous soil deter the plantation programmes. The options for greening
and afforestation in the region are also limited since only few plant species can withstand the chilling
cold and strong winds. Past efforts of ecological rehabilitation of these areas using exotic plant
species like Willow, Poplar, Robinia, etc. have not met with desired success for various reasons. The
potential of native species needs to be harnessed especially for the fragile environment of high

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