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THURSDAY, JANUARY 5TH · 11:00 A.M. - 10:00 P.M. (EST)
Coach's Corner Sports Auctions, LLC
(215) 721-9162
10 rollover phone lines available
47 N. Front St., Souderton, PA 18964
Fax & Written Bids Accepted
1. THERE WILL BE A 10% BUYER'S PREMIUM added to all bids. We now have Internet bidding
available along with the regular phone bidding.
2. Payment is expected within 7 days of the auction; notification of winning bids is done by
3. You must call PRIOR to the last day of the auction to Pre-Register and for lot descriptions.
4. You must have a valid MC/VISA on file to register and/or bid.
5. Fax and Mail bids accepted at 215-721-7255, until noon the last day of the auction.
6. CEILING BIDS accepted and encouraged. Please ask how our ceiling bids work.
7. The Bidding Starts the week of the auction, not before.
8. Personal checks are held 14 days from the date of receipt, deposits forfeited after 30 days.
9. We are here on Saturday following the auction from 9-2 to make payment arrangements.
10. Bidding is a legal binding contract and Coach's Corner may pursue non payment thru
necessary legal action.
11. There will be NO returns on graded cards/Authenticated items. Ask all questions
regarding the items and for close-up scans before you bid, and not after. Any disputes on
these must be taken up with grader/authenticator, NOT us.
12. There is a 21-day return privilege for all other items. We assume NO liability
whatsoever for items returned to us after that period. The 21-day policy begins
the date of the auction, not the date you take possession. If you pay by Check,
you have NO return privilege, as time will run out. We pay our consignors in 22 days,
so the items must be back in our hands by 21 days from the auction date. The item
must be described inaccurately for a return, not incompletely. Ask questions!
Shipping and authentication fees are non-refundable for any reason.
13. We reserve the right to inhibit anyone from participating in our auctions, and
their name will be posted on our inhibited bidders list on our Web site.
2 "Should've Been" Heisman Winners
Lee & Peyton Manning
Lee & the "Bus" after a long Super
Bowl flight from Pittsburgh
2 funnymen: Lee & Adam Sandler
6. Tyrus R.
Baseball. This
OAL Joe Cronin
ball is in fantastic shape and comes sweet
spot signed by the one and only TYRUS
R. COBB!! The signature is in black foun-
tain ink and grades a 7.5 overall! It dis-
plays wonderfully and boldly and comes
with a forensic COA from popular examin-
er Christopher Morales for authenticity pur-
poses.VERY RARE ball and valued at over
$10,000. WOW! . . . . . . . . . .MB $500.00
Crawford single-signed baseball. This
Mint new ball is vintage 1950's and made
by Spalding. It comes red Flair signed
across the sweet spot by the late HOF star
and grades a crisp, clean and legible 10.
Great ball, HOF worthy, and valued at
$4000.00 in this super condition.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .MB $50.00
14. Marilyn Monroe
hand signed photo-
graph. This vintage
1956 image shows
"Norma Jean" looking
sexy and right at YOU! It
is a 20th Century Fox
publicity still, in like-new
condition and comes black ink signed by
Monroe on a perfect spot. It has "My Thanks
& love" added in her deceased hand, grades
an honest, legible 9 or so and is valued near
$4000.00 as is. Great item, a solid
Hollywood investment piece and as nice as
we've ever sold! . . . . . . . . . .MB $100.00
8. Mordecai Brown
"STAT certified"
baseball. This Mint
new ball is made by
Harwood and
labeled from the Little League. It appears to
be circa 1943 or so and comes black ink,
sweet spot signed by the long gone, HOF
star. It grades an honest, clean 9.5 or so and
is valued in the $9000.00 range with authen-
ticity already done by Ted Taylor's STAT
Company. Great investment and as always,
with a starting bid low enough that you can
all participate! . . . . . . . . . . .MB $250.00
9. Rogers Hornsby single-
signed "STAT certified"
baseball. This must have item
is a slightly used, red-laced
ball and may be Official. It has markings but
they are hard to read and the late HOF hit-
ter has graced the sweet spot with a blue
ink signature. The ball itself grades a nice
6.5 and the signature is a bit better, grad-
ing about a 7 I'd say. It is valued at $6000.00
nearly and seldom comes up for sale in any
auction venue. It comes already ok'd and
certified by Ted Taylor and his new STAT
Authenticating Company and makes for a
very solid HOF investment ball.MB $50.00
16. JFK hand signed baseball. This must
have, celebrity signed baseball is red-laced
and Official from the AL with Joe Cronin
as the Commish. It comes blue ink, sweet
spot signed by the slain, former President
and with "From the White House-1963"
added on the side panel. Great piece, grad-
ing an honest 6.5 or so overall and valued
at "priceless". It is a solid American invest-
ment piece and should sell for $5000.00+
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .MB $100.00
17. Mickey Mantle
hand signed
Yankees jersey.
This Mint Mitchell &
Ness jersey is a
home white pinstripe
and comes with
sewn on team crest
and his #7 on back. It even has the AL 1951
patch on the sleeve and comes front signed
by the "Mick" in bold blue Sharpie. The jer-
sey itself is a 9, signature even better and
Lee even puts his own name on it for cer-
tainty! His No. 7 is added and value is
$2100.00 since his 1995 death.MB $40.00
Joe Tinker
Autographed/ Certified
Baseball. This RARE vin-
tage "Official League" base-
ball is SUPER shape and was made by B.R.
and K. It has red laces and comes sweet
spot signed by this legendary HOFer in
black fountain ink. The signature is FAN-
TASTIC and grades an 8 overall & can be
read from quite a distance away. Joe died
almost 60 years ago and this ball & signa-
ture are in great shape and valued well over
$13,000. Comes with a forensic COA from
expert examiner Chris Morales for authen-
ticity purposes. WOW! . . . . .MB $250.00
John J.
Autographed/ Certified
Baseball. This SUPER-
RARE baseball is well-used
and has red & blue laces. I cannot make out
any of the logos of the ball except for
"Spalding", but it comes side-panel signed
by one of the hardest-to-find signatures for
baseball collectors-John J. McGraw! The
signature is in black fountain ink and is
faded a bit to grade a 5 overall. The ball
comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from
forensic examiner & expert Chris Morales
and is valued near $10,000. A real treasure
and seldom seen. . . . . . . . .MB $200.00
Mickey Mantle
Autographed Limited-
Edition Lithograph from
his PERSONAL Company.
This custom litho is #1910
out of 1953 done and meas-
ures approx 16"x20". It is the
30th anniversary commemo-
rative litho from his 1953 Topps card and
is in NM shape. It comes signed on the bot-
tom border BEAUTIFULLY by Mickey in
pencil and it comes with a COA from the
Mick's own company from 1983. It retailed
at that time for $999.99 and has only gone
up since! Ideal for framing. . . .MB $50.00
19. "Wizard of Oz"
cast signed album
page. This remark-
able item is a 7x9
paper page and
comes ink signed by
all 4 main characters (Dorothy, Tin Man,
Scarecrow, Lion) as well as by Frank
Morgan (Oz) and Margaret Hamilton
(Witch). It is personalized to Carl and bears
6 near perfect black ink signatures. Great
item, a must have for all movie buffs and
easily valued at $3000.00 with all charac-
ters appearing. . . . . . . . . . . . .MB $40.00
This Mint pure white ball is red-laced and
labeled by Spalding from the 1950's. It
comes boldly, perfectly, black ink, side panel
signed by the long gone HOF Negro
Leaguer and can be viewed with ease from
20 feet away. Solid Cooperstown investment
ball and valued at $7000.00 in this super
shape. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .MB $125.00
Rixey single-
signed "STAT
baseball. This
rarely seen
HOF item is a red-laced, Little League ball
from Harwood and comes black ink, sweet
spot signed by the long gone, HOF pitch-
er. Ball itself is a clean 10 and signature is
just a bit less grading a decent 8 or so over-
all. It books at $3600.00 and comes already
Stat certified as real by Ted Taylor and his
new authenticating company. .MB $40.00
20. "Wizard of Oz" hand signed cast
photo. This mid 1930's image is a B&W
beauty, near 8x10 in size and shows
"Dorothy, Tin Man & Scarecrow". It comes
ink signed by all 3 deceased movie stars
and grades an honest 8 or better. Nice
MGM publicity still and signatures are very
legible from 10 feet away. . . . .MB $25.00
21. Orville Wright hand
signed/custom framed
"PSA" display. This hand-
some, well done custom dis-
play measures a large 17x22
in size and comes with
PSA/DNA's letter and cert
from Wrights nephew as proof. It holds a
great photo of the 1st 1903 flight ever, as
well as a real, personal bank check hand
signed by one of the famed aviators known
as the Wright Brothers.The check and scrib
grade an honest 8-9 and value on it all after
double matting and wood framing is
$1300.00 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .MB $30.00
22. Prince Charles
& Princess Diana
8x10. This RARE
color 8x10 shows
the Royal couple
posing for the cam-
era together and is
in NM shape. It
comes signed
"Charles" and "With
Love From, Diana" GORGEOUSLY in blue
Sharpie and is simply stunning to view.
Perfect for framing and valued in the very
high hundreds. . . . . . . . . . . . .MB $25.00
23. Roberto Clemente hand
signed/certified large
Pirates poster. This large pen
and ink work is about 22x28 in
size and given out to ticket
holders on his 1970 Three
Rivers Stadium "Night". It
shows the late HOF star as he looks off and
comes boldly, black marker signed across
the bottom. It grades a solid 9, can be seen
from about 40 feet away and comes already
approved and certified as real by forensic
examiner Chris Morales. Awesome item
for all Clemente and Pirates fans and eas-
ily valued at $1500.00 . . . . . .MB $30.00
24. Jesse Burkett single-signed baseball.
This almost new Tober ball is from the mid
1940's and red-laced. It comes black ink,
sweet spot signed by the long deceased
HOFer and grades an honest, late in life 9
or so. It books in the $7000.00 range and
is the first Burkett signed ball we have ever
sold. Great HOF investment opportunity and
as always, we'll start bidding very low
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .MB $200.00
25. Honus
This soiled,
game used
ball is red-laced and circa 1940's. It comes
black ink, side panel signed by the late
Pirates HOF Slugger and because of the
dark color of the ball, the signature stands
out really well. The ball itself is a 2, but the
signature grades an honest 6.5 and is val-
ued well into the thousands. . .MB $35.00
Duffy single-
signed "STAT
baseball. This
very rare
Cooperstown offering is a Rawlings, Official
Mid-West League ball and in perfect shape.
It comes black ink, sweet spot signed by the
late HOF star and his signature grades a
clean, crisp 9.5 I'd swear. It comes certi-
fied as real by Ted Taylor's STAT Authentic
company and book value is $5000.00. You
seldom see one at all, and never see one
this nice! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .MB $75.00
Baseball. This
League Ball" is in EX shape overall and
comes signed GORGEOUSLY by Honus
in black fountain ink with "Pirate Coach"
included! The signature is VERY bold and
grades a 9.5 overall! The RARE ball comes
completely certified by reputable forensic
examiner Chris Morales and is valued over
$10,000 in this super shape. MB $100.00
Topps Nolan
This AWE-
SOME card #177 from the 1968 Topps set
is the ROOKIE card of the sensational
Nolan Ryan. This comes slabbed and
GRADED by CSA at GEM MINT 10, and
is a gorgeous looking card. The card is
valued well into the $20,000 range in this
condition, and I have never seen another
graded 10. What an addition to any HIGH
end collection. . . . . . . . . . . .MB $250.00
29. 1971 Topps
Terry Bradshaw
TINE 10". This AWE-
SOME card #156
from the 1971 Topps
Football set is the
ROOKIE card of
Famed Quarterback,
Terry Bradshaw.This
beauty comes slabbed and GRADED
"PRISTINE 10", the Highest grade this
company gives any card, and has a book
value near $10,000. . . . . . . . .MB $50.00
1980 Topps
Rickey Henderson
This card #482 is the
ROOKIE card of
Rickey Henderson,
and comes slabbed
TINE 10, the highest
grade this company gives! This is a super
card with a book value of $7000, and will
be the centerpiece of your collection with
this awesome grading, and well deserved
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .MB $40.00
31. Elvis Presley
hand signed pho-
tograph. This rare
B&W image is
8x10 and shows
the deceased leg-
end on stage and
from about 1972 I'd
say. Great picture,
boldly, black marker signed by the "King" on
a perfect viewing spot and easily valued at
$1000.00 in this superb condition. You can
view it with ease from 18 feet away and as
always with Presley, investment is assured.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .MB $25.00
32. Babe Ruth & Lou Gehrig
Autographed 1934 Banquet
International League banquet
program celebrates their 50th ann. from 1884-
1934 was held in NYC. It is in VG+/EX shape
and comes signed on the front cover by 2 of
the nights attendees-Ruth & Gehrig! The sig's
are vertically on the cover and in blue ink.They
have faded slightly to grade 8's overall and still
look & display wonderfully. There were many
popular speakers that night like Frick and
Harridge and the program begs to be framed
and shown off.Valued well into the thousands
and probably one-of-a-kind! . . .MB $100.00
33. 2003 Topps
Tribute Babe
Ruth & Lou
Gehrig GAME
USED bat Insert
card. This Truly
RARE card is #10 of ONLY 25 ever made
of these RARE beauties, and includes
GAME USED Bat pieces from BOTH Lou
Gehrig & Babe Ruth. This is the GB card
from the World Series Team Tribute Yankees
Relic subset that Everyone is Looking for.
This is in MINT condition and have seen this
beauty sell in the $5500 range.MB $50.00
Yankees hand signed cachet. This 1939
dated First Day Cover is stamped and can-
celled and comes from Cooperstown NY. It
is in fine overall condition, comes hand
signed by Ruth in bold black ink and grades
an honest 9 or so overall. Nice example
which can be read from 15 feet away
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .MB $50.00
35. Henry Louis Gehrig hand signed
"Check Cut" signature. This very rare,
1920's item is all original and a super check
signature from the bottom of one of the "Iron
Horse's" personal checks. It is signed full
first name, very rare and grades a legible
7.5 or so overall. Value on this certain item
has to be near $4200.00 . . . .MB $75.00
36. Joe Louis & Jack
Autographed Vintage
Boxing Glove. This
RARE vintage boxing
glove is a lace glove that
is light red in color and
in G shape. It has been signed in black foun-
tain ink by boxing legends Jack Dempsey
& Joe Louis with Jack including "Good Luck"
above his signature. The autographs have
faded over the years, but still show off very
nicely and grade 6.5's overall. Amazing
glove and ideal for the classic boxing col-
lector. Valued well over $1,000.MB $50.00
37. M.Ali-
teed box-
ing glove. This Mint, red, Everlast glove
comes black Sharpie signed by the HOF
Champ and with his original Cassius Clay
name added "aka" style. He no longer signs
this way so if you're a fan, or a smart
investor, act fast!! Of course we can lifetime
guarantee this HOF worthy glove that
grades a 10 and can be seen from almost
20 feet away! . . . . . . . . . . . . .MB $25.00
38. "The Beatles"
Magazine Page. This
1964 magazine page
is in VG+/EX shape &
is from Teen Life mag-
azine and is 8.5"x11"
in size. It shows the
Fab 4 on it and comes signed in blue ink
by ALL 4 legends! The signatures grade
7.5's overall & 3 of the Beatles have includ-
ed "XXX" beneath their autographs! Ideal
for framing and all have signed their full
names. Valued well into the thousands and
RARE!! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .MB $100.00
This vin-
tage rock n'
roll item is from circa 1966 and titled
"Beatles VI". It is in fine overall condition,
comes cover signed by John, Paul, George
and Ringo and grades a very nice 8.5 I'd
swear. It is fairly crisp, decently clean on the
sought after scribs and can be read from
almost 15 feet away. . . . . . . . .MB $75.00
"Doors" hand
signed record
album. This
late 1960's LP
is titled
shows all 4 band mates on the color cover.
It is in nice shape and comes cover signed
by not only deceased HOF lead singer Jim
Morrison, but by the other 3 stars as well.
Great piece, grading an honest 8.5 overall
and easily valued at $3000.00+ with all 4
musicians appearing. ...............MB $50.00
41. Walt Disney
hand signed
publicity still
photo. This sepia
toned image is a
gem and 8x10 in
size. It shows
Donald Duck from the "Autograph Hound"
and is a rare movie still from Walt Disney.
It is blue Flair signed by the creator across
the front, grades his usual ornate 10 and
can be viewed with ease, from 15 feet away.
Great item, EZ on the eyes and valued at
almost $3000.00 in this superb condition.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .MB $50.00
42. Walt Disney
hand signed
sheet music.
This very rare
Disney item is
original sheet
music from Snow
White and
appears in nice
shape from the
1940's. It is large, very well done and comes
front cover signed by the late, great cre-
ator in blue ink. It has bled slightly, it grades
an honest 7.5 or better overall and has to
be valued at $2000.00+ . . . . .MB $30.00
43. 1952 Topps Andy
Pafko Baseball Card
#1. This RARE beau-
ty is the FIRST card in
the coveted 1952
Topps set, and of
Andy Pafko. This card
#1 grades VG+ with
just corner wear on
the corners bringing the grade down. The
card has nice color, some original gloss and
a super clean back. This card books at
$4500 and is coveted by every collector of
vintage Baseball cards. . . . . .MB $40.00
44. 1968 Topps
Mickey Mantle
Baseball Card
TINE 10".
Awesome card #280
comes slabbed and
10", the highest
grade this company
gives. What a beauty
and how many
Mantle vintage cards do you see like this
one? Great investment with a value near
$7000. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .MB $50.00
45. Grover Cleveland
Alexander hand
signed HOF plaque-
postcard. This 4x6,
vintage postcard was
sold at the HOF gift
shop and resembles
his real plaque hang-
ing on the inside. It
comes front, bottom
signed by the
deceased HOF pitcher and grades a nice 7
or so overall. A rare Cooperstown piece to
find and booking at $2000.00 or so
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .MB $35.00
Lennon hand
"Self Portrait".
This rare item is
from the mid
1970's and
came right from
John to his fans,
our consigner. It is a self drawn image, near
8x10 in size and drawn in black Flair. It
comes boldly, hand signed by the late
Beatle and grades as nice as can be. I'm
just guessing, but value should be
$2000.00+ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .MB $25.00
48. 1988-89 L.A. Lakers
team signed basketball
This Mint outstanding team
signed ball comes on a
Spalding Official NBA game
ball and comes certified
from Upper Deck with holo-
gram. It is a limited edition of 500 and
comes signed by Laker greats like: Abdul-
Jabbar, Magic, Jerry West, Kurt Rambis,
Byron Scott, A. C. Green, and Michael
Cooper all in black Sharpie. A show off
piece remembering the seven members of
the back-to-back NBA Champion Lakers,
valued in the hundreds. . . . . .MB $25.00
49. Jordan, Magic,
Bird hand signed
basketball. This Mint
Spalding indoor/out-
door basketball
comes endorsed by
the NBA and comes
signed by 3 of basketball's greatest players.
It comes hand signed in bold black Sharpie
by Michael Jordan on one panel and by
Magic and Bird on another panel. An out-
standing piece signed by three of the best
players the NBA has ever seen, comes with
a cert and is valued in the hundreds
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .MB $25.00
50. Michael Jordan hand signed/guar-
anteed Bulls 16x20 photo. This IN PER-
SON gem is a huge, color, 16x20 photo and
shows Mike in mid-air, circa 1993 for the
Bulls. It comes boldly, perfectly, silver paint
pen signed by Jordan, grades an 11 on a
1-10 scale and comes with our own, full, life-
time guarantee added. . . . . . .MB $20.00
cut sig-
This very rare HOF signature is valued at
$4000.00 as is and placed on a small 2x2
piece of lined paper from the late 1800's. It
grades an honest 7.5 or better, can be
viewed easily from 12 feet away and makes
for a VERY solid Cooperstown investment
piece. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .MB $50.00
52. Mel Ott-
Leo Durocher
hand signed
This very rare
image is a
gem from the
1940's and shows Leo as a Dodger, and the
late 500 HR Hitter Ott as a NY Giant. It is
a superb, pre-game picture, black ink signed
by Ott and silver paint pen signed by the
"Lip" on perfect spots. Of course Durocher's
scrib is a 10 but Ott's is faded and grades
a fair 6.5 or so. Neat picture of 2 late, great
HOF stars and valued at ??? .MB $40.00
Mark McGwire
GU/signed baseball bat.
This RARE piece is a
green ring Rawlings that is
a Mark McGwire game
used Oakland A's bat.The
bat has Mark's name misspelled on it read-
ing, "Mark McGwire" and comes hand signed
by the HR champ in a black Sharpie that
grades an solid 9. A neat piece that has some
good looking wear to it and is ready for dis-
play valued in the hundreds. The bat has
many scuff marks on it along with his num-
ber 25 on the end of the handle and the bar-
rel and has a ring of pine tar. . .MB $75.00
54. (82) 1960's & 1970's
STAR Baseball Cards. This
lot is PERFECT for the
60's/70's baseball card collec-
tor and contains ALL high-graded (9's+ and
a lot of Gem 10's!) cards and every one is
a STAR card! I see Mays, Mantle, Koufax,
etc., and they are all slabbed. They are
graded by 2nd-tier grading companies like
GRA and PVG so numerous cards are
probably over-graded, but they are never-
theless nice cards. If they were all PSA
graded, the lot would book for over $50,000!
! I'll even start the bidding low for you, so
it's a great investment lot. . . . .MB $30.00
1-Dozen Joe
DiMaggio Yankee sin-
gle-signed "B&J"
Baseballs. This superb
dealers lot is also perfect
for the smart investor
and includes 12 Mint
Official AL balls. Each
one comes boldly, per-
fectly, blue ink, sweet spot signed by the
fallen Yankee hero and HOF legend and
all come right from B&J for certainty. A cert
and color photo accompanies from the 1993
private signing and value on EACH is
$399.00 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .MB $60.00
56. Laurel
& Hardy
graph. This
B&W shot
is near 8x10 in size and shows both
Hollywood comedians from an unknown
picture. It is in fine overall shape, comes
black ink signed by both Stan and Oliver
and grades an honest 9 or so overall. Great
Tinsletown investment piece and since their
deaths, valued near $2000.00 MB $35.00
57."Rat Pack" hand signed
Las Vegas photograph. This
B&W image is a gem and
from about 1963 or so out-
side the famed Sands Casino
in Las Vegas. It shows, and
comes Sharpie signed by all
5 members of the famed Rat
Pack, Peter Lawford, Sammy Davis Jr., Joey
Bishop, Dean Martin and of course, Frank
Sinatra. This piece is a must have and per-
fect for music and Hollywood buffs of all
ages. Value is in the $2500.00 range in
this perfect shape and as always, we'll start
bidding very low. . . . . . . . . . .MB $30.00
(3) Ted
Williams Auto-
graphed UPPER
DECK 8x10
Photos in Binders. This FANTASTIC lot
contains (3) limited-edition B&W 8x10's that
show Ted in action from his Triple Crown
seasons.They have ALL been signed beau-
tifully in silver and each is numbered out
of only 521 done! They all come holo-
grammed and certified by Upper Deck and
come in nice black custom binders for pro-
tection and display.They are 100% authen-
tic and a great dealer lot that is valued in
the very high hundreds! . . . . .MB $30.00
59. (6) Hall of Fame Pitchers
Autographed PSA /DNA
Baseballs. WOW, this lot
includes 6 different single-signed off. MLB
balls that are AMAZING! They are all sweet
spot signed beautifully by HOF pitchers and
come custom cubed/authenticated and
graded by PSA/DNA as MINT+ 9.5's!!
Included are S. Carlton, R. Fingers, P.
Niekro, D. Eckersley, Jim Bunning, and
Robin Roberts!! A little Philly flavor here and
the balls all include holograms and COA's
from PSA. Valued in the VERY high hun-
dreds and nice. . . . . . . . . . . .MB $50.00

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