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How to quietly shoot any single shot cartridge rifle & pistol
inside your home using the right loads, bullets & other
important factors. This copyrighted process took years of
intensive research by the Stoneman himself, a Trapdoor
Springfield parts expert. Nothing is left out. Also, several
emergency propellants if you run out of powder, easily
made at home. All single shot shooters need this informa-
tion. Restricted leaflet; send signed dated statement you
are over 21 years-of-age, of sound mind & good character.
The Stoneman Replacement Lockplate Method:
How to make a 45-70, 50-70 or .58 musket lockplate with
full details and drawings with all holes positioned correctly,
thread sizes mainspring placement & how to make good
substitutions. Everything you need.
Simple Replacement Front Sight: Easily made,
everyday material, costs nearly nothing. Looks good on
muskets. Complete details, drawings.
Easy Home Browning: For too shiny gun parts.
Several methods, easy to get materials.
Rust Remover & Cleaner: Removes rust from tools,
gun parts, Civil War relics, iron, steel, copper, brass
objects. How to make from every day materials.
Silver Plate It the Easy Way: Good for old table flat-
ware, jewelry, certain coins, copper, brass. No heating,
electric or poisons. Easy to get ingredients.
Easy Cheap Silver Polish: Non abrasive, non-
scratching, helps repel future tarnish. Easy to get materi-
als, very low cost, all details.
Shine Dull Aluminum: Without rubbing, heating,
electric or poisons you can start a business on this one for-
mula and method.
Preserve Your Cut Flowers: Make them last days,
even weeks. Add these ingredients to the water.
Free Subscriptions: Over 80 publications, maga-
zines, free subscriptions upon request. Re-sell these or
use the many sources, contacts they contain.
Write Effective Money-Making Classified Ads:
Everything you need to know; do it right the first time.
Raise Money For Starting a Business: A number of
methods. Money is out there waiting for you.
Cash in Your Mailbox: A guide to mail order wealth.
What you should know and pitfalls to avoid. You can make
money in mail order & keep your regular job. Money in your
morning mail is a thrill you will never get tired of.
Cheap Windshield De-Icer: Much cheaper than reg-
ular windshield de-icer. Find out what this is.
How to Raise Worn Off, Ground Off Markings: Next
best thing to a friend in a big city crime lab. For old guns,
swords, bayonets, tools, some coins. Very hard to get
chemical formulas, but the chemicals themselves are eas-
ily available from any chemical company. Not rare or
expensive. Very few people know these.
How to Obtain a Copyright: Are you writing, drawing,
designing or photographing something? Protect it - easy if
you know how and where. Why pay a publisher? You can
do it yourself.
Complete Greek Alphabet: Capitals, small letters
with pronunciation for reading Greek New Testament,
ancient Greek coins & old Greek literature. East to read,
everything you need.
Messianic Old Testament Prophecies: 27 and their
New Testament fulfillments, these key Bible verses show
beyond a doubt who is the true Messiah. Well worth mem-
Make Money With Famous Signatures: Everything
how to get, what to do. Easy money - fine out how.
Fast, Easy to Mark: Sample non-essay test pattern
for testing knowledge of facts. Teachers, this will really
speed your test marking/grading & give you more time for
other things. Cuts your marking time way down. Yes, I
taught school for years & I needed time to run my busi-
ness. This invention was born of necessity.
Replacement Fluid for the Duplicator: Teachers and
others in a hurry to use the Spirit Duplicator to run some-
thing off, never be without a chance to use the machine
when you want. I got tired of hearing "out of fluid". I didn't
accept that and now neither should you. Will not harm the
machine. Stay at the head of the class with this.
Punch Neat Holes in Thick Paper, Cardboard: Even
in the middle of a large piece, or through a 40 page term
project. Easy details, every day materials.
Get Rid of Roaches, Ants, Bugs: Without poison,
good for the classroom around kids, easy. Make this at
home & sell for good profits.
Keep Animals & Birds Out of Your Trash: Cheap
easy way - non-violent. It works.
Restore, Improve Chipped Pottery, China, Glass:
Chipped pieces are hard to sell. How some dealers
improve to make them sell, cheap & easy.
Rock Tumbler Shortcuts: If you polish rocks, miner-
als, gemstones in a rock tumbler, these shortcuts save
time & month. Timely tumbling tricks.
Easy Umbrella Stand: For flea market, working on
your car, anything in the sun. Cheap easy materials, no
welding needed.
Straighten Bent Gun Barrels, Pipes, Rods, Swords,
Scabbards: How old time & modern gunsmiths do it. Not
difficult at all.
Easy Ramrod Stop: If your ramrod fits too loose in the
sleeve, you can easily fix that & it doesn't show.
Repair Old Swords: Many Civil War swords & sabers
have bad handles & other parts. You can restore them.
Find out how & materials needed.
Ways to Help Your Children: At school at no cost. All
parents need this.
Damaged Oil Paintings: How art dealers make large
profits from damaged oil paintings.You can too, if you know
how. Fast easy inside tricks. How to sell them without
retouching. Also, you need no art talent, make easy money
with this.
Mail Objects Without a Box: Small to medium
objects using free everyday materials. Money spent for
packaging material is wasted money, usually. I hate waste
- let me save you money.
Restore Old Gun Stocks: Repair almost any broken
stocks without glass-bedding compound or gooey release
agents. Also, how to piece on new wood to cut down
stocks, make carbine style stocks from cut-downs, match
wood finished, apply new finish. Do all this fast. Little
known gunsmith tricks.
Antique Fresh Cut Metal: If you trim the uneven
ragged end of an old gun barrel, this method gives it a 100-
200 year old appearance. This is the hard part - you did a
good job, but how have to make it match so it doesn't
show. This rare gunsmith trick works on ramrods & small
parts, also. Easy to do it you know how.
Mount Replacement Hammer: On your old muzzle
loader. How to get the square hole just right so it fits cor-

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