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Pivot Point International, Inc. - SFE Exam Prep changes
Salon Fundamentals
Two metal pieces that make contact with each other to
allow the flow of electric current are found on a(n):
a. fuse
b. anode
c. circuit breaker
d. grounding wire
20. A safety device designed to protect the user during the
operation of appliances is a:
a. load
b. conductor
c. power box
d. grounding wire
21. What type of shock passes through the body and can
cause burns?
a. local shock
b. electrocution
c. general shock
d. desincrustation
22. The type of shock causing the heart to stop, breathing to
cease and muscles to convulse is referred to as a(n):
a. local shock
b. alkaline shock
c. general shock
d. electrotherapy shock
23. All of the following are protocols of fire
prevention EXCEPT:
a. post local fire codes
b. inspect fire safety devices
c. use frayed and exposed wires
d. store flammable materials properly
24. The direct current used in electrotherapy treatments is:
a. Tesla
b. Faradic
c. Galvanic
d. Sinusoidal

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