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Pivot Point International, Inc. - SFE Exam Prep changes
Salon Fundamentals
Apocrine glands are located on the nipples, genitals
and underarms.
Eccrine glands are most abundant on the forehead,
soles of the feet and palms of the hands.
Androgen is a male hormone that influences the
production of sebum.
20. The subcutaneous layer is the structure that
insulates and acts as a shock absorber
to protect the bones.
Ligaments hold bones to other bones to form joints.
22. Nervous tissue, muscular tissue and connective
tissue are all forms of tissue found in the skin.
Pain receptors, thermoreceptors and Pacinian
corpuscles are all types of sensory cells.
24. Exfoliation is the removal of dead skin cells to
stimulate new cell growth.
Hydration level, oiliness of the skin and
temperature of the skin are all factors of
skin absorption.
26. A lesion is a change in the structure of skin tissue.
Crust, a type of secondary lesion, is a dried mass
that is the remains of an oozing sore.
28. Atopic dermatitis is a hereditary rash, or
inflammation of the skin, characterized by dry,
sensitive irritated skin.
29. Hives is an allergic reaction that produces an
eruption of wheals.
Herpes Zoster is a highly contagious viral infection
that causes an eruptive, blister-like cluster.
Warts are most commonly found on feet, hands
and fingers.

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