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Pivot Point International, Inc. - SFC Student SG changes
8. What do the sudoriferous glands produce?
a. water
b. sweat
c. saliva
d. tears
9. Sebaceous glands continually produce and secrete:
a. sweat
b. saliva
c. sebum
d. tears
10. What type of exfoliation is a physical process that uses an abrasive action combined with a product?
a. soft exfoliation
b. hard exfoliation
c. chemical exfoliation
d. mechanical exfoliation
11. All of the following are primary ways that products are absorbed into the skin EXCEPT:
a. through the pores
b. through the hair follicles
c. through intercellular cement
d. through arrector pilli muscles
12. What is a factor that influences a faster rate at which an ingredient or product penetrates the skin?
a. hydration level
b. oiliness of the skin
c. larger pore size
d. size of the product's molecules
13. What is a small elevation of the skin, usually inflammatory that does not contain pus?
a. papule
b. bulla
c. pustule
d. vesicle
14. What is a crack or line in the skin that may go as deep as the dermis?
a. fissure
b. crust
c. scale
d. scar
15. What is a highly contagious viral infection, which lays along a nerve root that causes an eruptive,
blister-like cluster?
a. Impetigo
b. Psoriasis
c. Herpes Zoster
d. Herpes Simplex
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