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Pivot Point International, Inc. - SFC Coursebook 11thptg
Groups of cells of the same kind make up tissues.
There are five primary types of tissue in the
human body:
1. Epithelial (ep-i-THE-le-el) tissue that covers and protects body surfaces and internal
2. Connective tissue that supports, protects and holds the body together
3. Nerve tissue that coordinates body functions in addition to carrying messages to and from
the brain and spinal cord
4. Muscular tissue that contracts, when stimulated, to produce motion
5. Liquid tissue carries food, waste products and hormones
Organs are separate body structures that perform specific functions. They are composed of
two or more different tissues.
Organs of primary importance include:
1. The brain, which controls all body functions
2. The eyes, which control vision
3. The heart, which circulates the blood
4. The lungs, which supply the blood with oxygen
5. The stomach and intestines, which digest food
6. The liver, which removes the toxic byproducts of digestion
7. The kidneys, which eliminate water and waste products
8. The skin, the body's largest organ, which forms the external protective layer of
the body

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