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Pivot Point International, Inc. - SFC 9th Ptg 5 05
For example, a client may insist on a certain hair color, which you know will not be
flattering. It is your responsibility to tactfully suggest otherwise:
Express Your Ideas Clearly
Think an idea through completely before you talk about it.
Many good ideas fail because they are not thought through before they are expressed.
Define the purpose of your communication
Before you begin to express your idea, determine the purpose of your communication. Is it to:
Gain information?
Change an attitude?
· Seek
Know the importance of your ideas
Be certain that the communication is valuable to others. When speaking:
Consider the listener's needs and desires.
Ask yourself...How will the listener benefit by what I'm saying?
Be prepared to show visual representation of the ideas being suggested
to the client by using style books, color charts, photographs, etc.
Be aware of your environment
Be sure the timing is right for your communication.
Decide whether your ideas or feelings should be expressed in public or private.
Decide who should be the recipient of your communication.
Watch your overtones
An overtone occurs when your tone of voice, inflection, expressions and reactions do not match
your words. Example: You say, "I'm so happy to see you today," but you are not smiling or
extending your hand in greeting.
Be sure you are communicating the idea you want to convey.
Be careful that your overtones aren't saying something entirely different from the words you speak.
Consult with others when necessary
Be certain you have all the facts and information available.
If you're in doubt, consult with others to gain new insights, ideas, opinions...and support.
Be a good listener
Concentrate on understanding others first.
Listening is the important key to good communication.
The most successful business people and the best communicators are those who have learned
to listen.
"Mrs. Jones, I have just returned from a
training seminar where I took a special class on coloring
and studied color as it relates to the natural tones of the
complexion. If we make you a "cool brown," I believe it
will tend to wash out your face and make your
complexion a bit sallow. But if we weave some
subtle warm blonde highlights..."
"Think before
you speak!"

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