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Pivot Point International, Inc. - SFC 9th Ptg 5 05
The use of double negatives, certain slang words or words whose true meanings aren't quite appropriate
to one's messages can all detract from the thought you are attempting to communicate. The listener
can be confused by such communication and left with a completely incorrect understanding of the
intended message. No professional can afford to misuse language.
Because the use of poor grammar may be habitual and not easily identified by the user, this, too, is an
area in which you might ask for the help of teachers and friends. Ask people close to you to point out
any words you may misuse and speech patterns that aren't appropriate. Many people have polished
their use of language with the help of caring friends, relatives, teachers and/or spouses.
Two-Way Communication
Your success in providing your clients with exactly the service they desire depends on how well you are
able to understand and interpret their initial request.
The best way to do this is, first, encourage them to give you enough information so that you perfectly
understand their desires. Be a good listener and ask questions if necessary. Second, practice reflective
listening by repeating back to them in your own words what they just told you.
For example:
When you have finished your explanation, always ask if the client understands what you will be doing
and if he/she feels comfortable. Encourage questions. It is important that you are able to communicate
comfortably and that you and your client understand each other. Here are several points that will help
your communication skills become more effective:
Present a Pleasant Greeting
Always greet a client by using the last name (Mrs. Brown, Mr. Smith, Ms. Johnson) unless
the client offers permission for a first name basis and it is acceptable in the school and/or salon.
Use a pleasing voice tone that projects your eagerness to offer your services.
Use Tact
Tact is learning to say the proper thing to a person without giving offense. This skill requires
Tact is a very important communication skill to use in building an honest professional
relationship with your clients.
It is your responsibility to communicate honestly with the client, without offending.
Deciding whether your ideas or feelings should be expressed in public or private is considered
being discreet.
"Mrs. Jones, if I understand you correctly, today you
would like me to give you more fullness on the top and
shorten the back and sides. To do this I will layer the
top and cut about one inch from the sides and back to
achieve the look you want..."

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