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Pivot Point International, Inc. - SFC 9th Ptg 5 05
the wall plate's regulator. The negative electrode will create more and smaller bubbles than will
the positive electrode.
The process of forcing an acid (+) or alkali (-) into the skin by applying
current to the chemical is called PHORESIS and is probably the most typ-
ical application of galvanic current. ANAPHORESIS uses a negative pole
(cathode) or electrode to force negatively-charged (alkaline) solutions into
the skin without breaking the skin. CATAPHORESIS uses a positive pole
(anode) or electrode to force positively-charged (acidic) solutions into the
skin without breaking the skin.
negative pole of galvanic current
is believed to have the following temporary effects on the area
of the body to which it is applied:
1. Produces an alkaline reaction, which can force alkaline solutions to penetrate the skin
2. Increases the blood flow by expanding the vessels to aid circulation
3. Softens tissues
4. Stimulates nerves
positive pole of galvanic current
is believed to have temporary effects opposite to those pro-
duced by the negative pole, including:
1. Produces an acidic reaction, which can force acidic solutions to penetrate the skin.
2. Slows the blood flow by contracting the vessels to decrease redness or inflammation when
applied to simple blemishes on the skin.
3. Hardens tissues, closing pores after facial treatment.
4. Soothes
Galvanic Current Electrotherapy
The salon professional applies the ACTIVE electrode to the client. The active electrode is con-
nected to either the positive or negative pole, depending on the therapeutic reaction desired.
The client holds the inactive electrode, which is connected to the opposite pole.
Both the active and inactive electrodes should be wrapped lightly in moist
cotton. While the comfort level for the current will vary from one client to
the next, never use more than one milliampere of current.
A galvanic current machine is also used for a process called iontophoresis (eye-
on-to-fo-REE-sis). Iontophoresis introduces water-soluble treatment products
into the skin. Desincrustation is a treatment in which sebum is broken down
or blackheads are liquefied, as in deep-pore cleansing.
Do not use the
galvanic current
over an area
having many
Phoresis is
referred to as
"bleaching the

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