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Pivot Point International, Inc. - SFC 9th Ptg 5 05
The Endocrine System
The endocrine system is composed of a group of specialized
ductless glands that regulate and control the growth, reproduc-
tion and health of the body.
These glands manufacture chemical
substances called hormones and secrete them directly into the blood
The endocrine system is a carefully balanced mechanism that directly
affects hair growth, skin conditions and energy levels. Nutrition plays
a key role in the proper regulation of this system.
Signs of fatigue or
changes in hair growth may signal the need for medical atten-
Reproductive System
The reproductive system is responsible for the process by which a living organism procreates others
of its kind.
Integumentary System
The skin and its layers make up the integumentary system of the body. The two primary glands of
the integumentary system are the sebaceous (si-BAY-shus) (oil) and the sudoriferous (soo-dohr-IF-
er-us) (sweat) glands. These glands are referred to as duct glands because both secrete into canal-
like structures (ducts) that deposit their contents on the surface of the skin.
Your understanding of the human body provides essential knowledge to aid you in making design
decisions that will enhance your client's appearance. In addition, your review of the fundamental
structures and systems of the body prepares you for learning massage techniques used in nail and
skin care services.
Build Your Critical Thinking Skills
In this chapter you have prepared yourself to meet the following Industry Standard for entry-level
Enhance the client's appearance using hair, nail and skin care services.
It's Up to You to know what to do. Using your training to this point, review the following case
scenario and think through how you would handle the challenge.
When evaluating the bone structure of your client Bob, who has requested a close clipper cut,
you determine that the occipital region is more predominant than normal. Should you cut the
hair closer in this area, which would emphasize the occipital region, or would you leave the hair
longer in the occipital area? What would you do?
"You will learn more about
the sebaceous and suderifer-
ous glands in chapter 15,
The Study of Skin."

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