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Dave West Clocks - 2497 Eureka 5
though this was missing in the particular
Supporting Pillars
These are shown in detail in Fig.
and it will
be seen that they are of composite form, and one
of them is devised to form a conduit for the
battery supply lead, so that the latter can be
kept invisible, or at least unobtrusive. This is
Diagrammatic side view of wheel train
another optional feature, but many constructors
would consider it simpler to machine the pillars
from solid brass-with or without a drilled
passage for the lead. Alternatively, one of the
pillars, or its centre bolt, could be insulated and
used as a lead-in conductor. The other terminal
of the battery is of course " earthed " to the
frame of the clock, and polarity of the connections
is of little importance.
In the description of this unique and interesting
type of clock, the writer has attempted to furnish
sufficient data to enable the intelligent reader to
build a clock working on similar principles, if
not identical in detail. Many thanks are due to
several helpers in this research, including Wing
Commander J. Fitzpatrick Lewis, who first
introduced the particular example to the writer's
to Mr. F. Hope-Jones, of the Synchro-
nome Co., and the staff of the South Kensington
Science Museum, for technical and historical
and last but not least, to Mr. J. Message
of the " M,E." Workshop, for assistance in the
practical work of restoration, and preparation of
notes and sketches.
Readers' Comments
Due acknowledgments are made to the many
readers who have written to the writer or the
Editor on the subject of the " Eureka " or other
unusual types of electric clocks. Some of the
letters express an adverse opinion of the clock or
criticism of its design, but in nearly all cases they
show real interest in the subject, and ask for
further articles on similar topics.
It is not possible to publish all these letters in
detail, or even to quote from them, but one or
two have been selected by the Editor as con-
taining matters of general interest, and will
MARCH 31, 1949
appear in the Practical Letters columns of T
in due course. One rather
incoherent correspondent, however, has accused
the writer of " cheap sneers " at the constructors
of Hipp or other simple pendulum clock, though
such a thing was certainly never implied or
intended. It is true, as he points out, that such
clocks are easy to build with simple equipment,
and perform accurately and reliably; but this
fact, so far from being denied by the writer, was
clearly stated and indeed emphasised in the
introductory article on the "Eureka" clock,
together with the motives for bringing the latter
to the notice of readers.
Another reader asks " what `is the significance
of the title
Eureka' applied to this clock?"
That is a matter beyond the cognisance of the
writer, and might be answered by another
question-what's in a name ? But from hazy
recollection of ancient history, the name recalls
the legend of old man Archimedes tearing through
the streets of Athens in nudist uniform, leaving a
trail of soapsuds, and yelling " I have found it ! "
-on the memorable occasion when he hit upon
the method of finding the specific gravity of
metals. By inference, one may suppose that the
emotions, though probably not the actions, of the
Fig. 21 Supporting pillars,
2 off (one only drilled
and located to form lead conduit)
inventor of this clock were similar-in other
words, he must have believed that he had really
" got something." But carrying deduction still
further, it is possible that after the disillusionment
caused by the abortive efforts to exploit the
commercial production of the clock, he may have
had another search through the Greek dictionary
to find the appropriate term for that much
sadder phrase " I have had it ! "

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