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Protect Your Roof from Seasonal Storms
It's officially storm season and, depend-
ing on the region in which you live, hurri-
canes, tornadoes, high winds and hail can
cause tremendous damage to your home.
Hurricane season began earlier than
expected in May with the first storm of the
season, subtropical storm Andrea. At three
weeks before the start of hurricane season,
Andrea was perhaps a harbinger of the
"very active" season predicted by the Nation-
al Hurricane Center. This prediction is
alarming, as the average personal claim
due to hurricane loss has ranged from $3,000
to $13,000 over the past five years.
Summer storms also often bring hail,
and the National Weather service reports that
yearly hail damages total approximately $1
billion. Furthermore, according to a study
by A.M. Best, 2006 storm damages, torna-
does and weather-related events caused
more than $8 billion in insured losses. Addi-
tionally, the 2007 tornado season has been
one of the worst in nearly a decade. Given
the potential destruction that storms can
bring, choosing tough, long-lasting roofing
materials provides homeowners the best
chance to weather such storms unscathed.
If you are building a home, work with
your builder to choose
the best roofing mate-
rials for your region.
Do your homework
regarding roofing
options, then share
questions, concerns and
ideas with your builder.
New construction pres-
ents homeowners with
an oppor tunity to
choose roofing that both
complements the
home's design and
offers durability.
For roof replace-
ment projects, consult
a roofing contractor,
who will be the most
qualified expert to help
you decide what mate-
rial is best. Re-roofing is
a perfect time for an
upgrade to high-per-
formance shingles that
are more long-lasting
than your existing roof.
Although no roof-
ing product can guar-
antee damage will not
occur in the event of tor-
nadoes, hurricanes or
other extreme weather,
high-performance build-
ing materials offer the
ultimate in protection
by providing durability,
long-lasting beauty,
extended warranties,
and wind and fire resist-
ance. As homeowners
learn more about them,
the demand for high-
performance materials
is growing.
According to a
recent homeowner sur-
vey conducted by Syn-
ovate, a national
research firm, for
TAMKO Building Products, 80 percent of
homeowners prefer durable, low-mainte-
nance roofing products with warranties of
up to 50 years. Also, more than 85 percent
want roofing that offers greater wind, impact
and fire resistance. No matter the condi-
tion of your existing roof, exploring high-per-
formance roofing options should be top-of-
mind when preparing for stormy weather.
There are several options in high-per-
formance roofing materials, primarily asphalt
and composite. A traditional choice for roofs,
asphalt shingles are relatively inexpensive,
easy to maintain and repair, and are available
in a variety of styles, cuts and colors. Com-
posite roofing is growing in popularity
because of its combined design and durability
features. Shingles made from composite
materials are typically
designed to look like real
wood shake, slate or tile roof-
Roofing manufacturers
have responded to home-
owners' wants for good look-
ing, high-performance mate-
rials. TAMKO, for example,
offers asphalt and composite
shingles with high-per-
formance attributes, includ-
ing UL Class A fire resist-
ance, Class 4 impact
resistance and a 50-year lim-
ited warranty.
If you're not considering a roof replace-
ment this year, roof care should still be on
your radar as lack of maintenance is anoth-
er primary, yet non weather-related, rea-
son for roof repair or replacement. Be proac-
tive, and evaluate and clean your roof on a
quarterly basis. Inspect for shingle dam-
age, loose shingles, debris and rust. If you're
unsure about how to thoroughly conduct
a roof check-up or cleaning, consult a roof-
ing professional.
Weather-related wind and water dam-
age, as well as fire, are consistently the top
causes of property damage. To help minimize
damage to your home during potentially
destructive storm seasons, make sure your
home's primary level of protection -- your
roof -- is in the best condition possible.
Courtesy of ARAcontent
According to,
winds of even 50 to
75 mph can severely
damage a roof.
The Citizen. Auburn, New York
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Saturday, June 30, 2007
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