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Auburn Citizen - peoplemakeadifference
"When you make your living with animals, you take care of them."
Monday, February 27, 2006
People Who Make A Difference
The Citizen. Auburn, New York
The Citizen. Auburn, New York
People Who Make A Difference
Monday, February 27, 2006
For a group of women, sharing their time and tal-
ent with the community serves a dual purpose: while
they gather each week to knit and socialize they are
able to provide those less fortunate with hand craft-
ed hats, gloves and blankets.
The Knitwitz Ladies, organized by Catherine Basile
of Auburn, consists of six women who have been
knitting together for the past three years. They meet
once a week on Wednesdays at alternating homes
for a knitting session along with coffee and donuts.
"We all live in the Genesee Gardens in Auburn,"
said Basile who along with the other members also
knits whenever she has the spare time. "Since we
are all in that late age group it isn't too far to meet."
The ladies started out by making hats at Christmas
for poor families which they donated to a church in
Weedsport. At that time, they were going to garage
sales to keep up their yarn supply in stock and expens-
es at a minimum. It was not long after that the Knitwitz
Ladies and the Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter
704 in Auburn joined forces and combined their
Basile contacted Shirley Martinez, the acting sec-
retar y and associate for the Vietnam Veterans of
America Chapter 704, after she read an article in The
Citizen that the organization was looking for knit-
ters. The partnership has worked out well for both
groups. Chapter 704 provides the Knitwitz Ladies
with yarn and delivery service throughout the
community when their pieces are complete.
They are also invited to attend the Vietnam Vet-
erans annual dinner as a thank you for their
kindness and dedication. In turn, the Knitwitz
are able to produce much more with the addi-
tional yarn and with someone always willing to
pick up and deliver the goods they can give to
many more in need.
"The Knitwitz are a respectable people," said
Daniel Waters, president of the Vietnam Vet-
erans of America Chapter 704. "They do for the
community and for veterans. Anything that
gives a little boost in morale is a big plus."
The group has sent an assortment of their
items overseas to the military men and women
in Iraq and the Iraqi children as well. They have
provided baby blankets for unwed mothers;
given hats, scarves, and gloves to children at sev-
eral schools, the ARC Center, the Salvation
Army, St. John's Church in Weedsport; and
made lap blankets for those who use a wheel-
chair. The philanthropic reach of the Knitwitz
has spanned from Syracuse to Seneca Falls.
"We enjoy it and it makes us feel good that
we are helping someone out," said Basile. "There
are a lot of people in need. We've got the time
and are glad to help out."
A special group of ladies
-- A
-- N
I would like to nominate Nellie Keogan for your "Peo-
ple Who Make a Difference" contest. Nellie is my son's
grandmother, and someone who is very special in both our
lives, and has been for many years. Bad choices, and bad
situations, Jared and I ended up at a crossroads with noth-
ing. With no money, no place to live, Nellie took us in and
gave us a place to stay. She babysat Jared while I worked.
She listened to me when I needed to be heard, and she
guided me when I needed to be guided.
When we moved out on our own and didn't have any-
thing, Nellie once again came to our rescue and provided us
with the furniture and the food we desperately needed.
Though she doesn't have to help us any longer, she still
does, she goes out of her way to give Jared those extra
things I cannot. There hasn't been the start of school with-
out a trip to the mall for not one but 2 pair of sneakers each
and every year. She helped Jared when a trip to the emer-
gency room was more serious than I could deal with. She
never hesitates to help us when we ask.
Though we've had our share of ups and downs, she
knows I'll always think of her more as a mother than just a
friend, and there is no way I can ever thank her for all that
she has done for Jared and I.
I can't ever thank you enough Nellie, for being the moth-
er, the grandmother and the friend everyone should have access
to. We love you and you will always be an important part
of our lives.
You are, and always will be our guardian
-- T
-- S
Ms. Muldoon, as the leader of The
Extended School Day Program for Gene-
see Street Elementary, has provided aca-
demically and financially challenged chil-
dren to extend their horizons within our
community. The children are provided
extra help academically, but are provided
even more with her special in-house pro-
grams. The children participate in Chess
Club, Spelling Bee Club, Soccer, Cheer-
leading, Dance, Theme Food Preparation
and other various activities that allow them
to broaden their understanding of the world
around them.
She has spent countless hours in preparation for the chil-
dren to explore the local area. Many of these children
would have never been able to participate in so much with-
out such a caring person. Susan truly believes that our cit-
izens of tomorrow, are in our classrooms today. She easi-
ly knows all "her" children in attendance in the programs and
readily ensures that they are the model students of her pro-
For "Sue", this is not a job, but an adventure in encour-
aging our children to be the best possible person in our
­ C
-- H
I worked with this gentleman at a private ambulance
company for about 5 years and he also is employed at Rural
Metro Ambulance. He has Touched so many peoples lives
that i couldn't explain it in 300 words it would take a book.
He is the most compassionate person that i have ever had
the pleasure of knowing. He would do anything in his power
to save someones life day or night. he is a paramedic but his
compassion and caring for others is what saves lives. He
has suffered a heart attack and a stroke about 3 years ago
but that nor anything else will stop this wonderful man from
saving peoples lives. Auburn, Cayuga County County, and
the surrounding areas are very lucky to have a man like
Harry Lynn to come to their aid.
More letters
Nomination letter
This group of six ladies called us one day after reading an article that was
placed in your newspaper for yarn(s) needed.
The women knit in a small group that like to get together over coffee/tea and
knit hats, scarves, mittens, lap blankets, dish cloths for the last two years now.
They call the chapters president and acting secretary to come and meet and
pick them all up and then they are delivered. This year all of these items went to
military men/women, children, elderly, unwed moms for their new babies, at
Head Start, churches, the AMH Maternity Ward, the VA for a couple veterans that
have lost either their legs or feet and are in wheelchairs.
Some of these items went along to a program called "Adopt a Soldier". Also some
of these items were placed in Christmas food baskets for families in need. So, to
all of these fine ladies that give of their time and talents, we thank you from the
bottom of our hearts.
If anyone is willing to make a donation of used or new yarn(s) please contact
our good friend Shirley Martinez at 252-0234 Vietnam Veterans acting secretary.
They usually work from February tll October-November. They enjoy doing this
as it gives them all a great feeling.
Thank you everyone: Catherine, Lillian, Elizabeth, Patricia, Joy and one unmen-
tionable woman (her choice), and one newer lady that joined the group this year
makes with her own hands plaster items, and paints them as well. A special group
of ladies.
- Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 704
Cleen Hoselton / Special to The Citizen
The Knitwitz Ladies

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