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Auburn Citizen - peoplemakeadifference
Anne Costello was there when her grand-
son cut his first tooth. She watches him crawl
in his odd way, dragging himself across the
floor on one leg. And she learned he loves
cell phones, crying every time one is taken away
from him.
Anne knows all this because she spends a
lot of time with her grandson, Liam Marcel-
lus, 10 months. After working eight hours at
Cayuga Correctional Facility, she goes over
to her daughter Kristi Costello's to babysit
Liam so Kristi can work and attend nursing
"All she wants is for me to get through
school and become a nurse," Kristi said. "I'm
living on a strict income, so there's not much
left to pay a babysitter."
Kristi works part-time at Auburn Memorial
Hospital on the 3 to 11 p.m. shift and also
attends clinical programs at night for her reg-
istered nurse education at Cayuga Community
College. Kristi's boyfriend, the baby's father,
works nights and cannot watch Liam. Often-
times, Anne is at her daughter's house until
the early morning hours.
"There are some nights where I don't get
home until midnight," Kristi said. "My moth-
er lives 15 minutes away, so I know it is late
by the time she gets to bed. But she is always
up at 6 a.m., ready to do
it all over again."
Kristi misses being with
her son, but knows he is in
good hands and not with a
"It makes it so much
easier to be away from
him," she said. "I know
he's being taken care of. I
just keep telling myself it's
for the best, and knowing
he's with my mom makes
me feel a lot better."
All her life, Kristi has
been able to count on her
mother's unselfishness.
"She gave up ever y-
thing," Kristi said. "My
mother has always pro-
vided for us instead of her-
self. I think she sometimes
thinks it goes unnoticed."
For her part, Anne says
her time with Liam keeps
her young.
"He's a good kid," she
said. "It's fun. It keeps me
Anne wouldn't think of doing any less for
her daughter and grandson.
"She needs my help,"
Anne said. "That's how she'll
get through school."
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The Citizen. Auburn, New York
People Who Make A Difference
Monday, February 27, 2006
`I think she goes above and beyond'
Nomination letter
I would like to nominate my mother for the "People who
make a difference" section of The Citizen.
Yes, over the years my mother has done a lot for my broth-
ers and me, just like any mother would. But I think she goes
above and beyond.
My father suffers from a back injur y and is unable to
work. She has always worked full-time at factories and has been
working at Moravia Correctional facility for the last 10 years
or so - always putting us kids before her own needs. We
would have new shoes while she walked around in beat-up
grass-stained ones.( The same ones for years.)
But most recently she has been a blessing to me. I'm 27
years old now with a 9-month-old child of my own. I work
part-time at Auburn Memorial Hospital and attend the Cayu-
ga Community College Nursing Program. I'm living on a
strict income, so there is not much money to pay a babysit-
ter. So my mother leaves her 8-hour-a-day job to start her
night shift at my house where she watches my son.
She has to come to my house because she wants my son
to sleep in his own bed, which I know he is very happy about.
There are some nights where I don't get home till midnight.
My mother lives 15 minutes away so I know it is late by the
time she gets to bed, but she is always up 6 a.m. ready to
do it all over again. Now that I have started college she has
doubled her babysitting duties. Watching my son while I
attend nighttime clinicals as well as work. All she wants is for
me to get through school and become a nurse.
I just want her to know that she is a person who makes a
great difference in my life. I love her very much and could
never get by with out her. I could go on forever about what
a great person she is but I think I have made my point.
- Kristi Costello
Cleen Hoselton / Special to The Citizen
Anne Costello
Monday, February 27, 2006
People Who Make A Difference
The Citizen. Auburn, New York

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