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Most of us buy antiques we can live with
-- comfortable chairs, dishes that go in a
dishwasher, desks that can be used with a
computer and vases for flowers. But great
wealth allows collectors to buy antiques to
look at, not use. They can afford the high
prices and the hidden costs of insurance,
huge rooms, security systems and loss of
interest on the money that was spent on a
work of art. We know a collector who bought
a Jackson Pollock painting for more than $10
million. The required yearly expense to
look at that picture in his dining room was
$50,000 (interest lost by spending the
money); plus the cost of fine-art insurance,
about $20,000; and the added expense of
security. Total cost per year to own the
painting: more than $70,000. A much-less-
expensive but still pricey antique, a Meis-
sen porcelain-mounted desk, auctioned
recently for $54,500. It is an expensive and
impractical but rare and beautiful antique.
Once taken home, it will cost $2,750 in lost
interest on the money, plus about $150 for
ance and
more for
per year
to admire
the desk.
The writ-
(desk) is
by dore
piece fur-
was not
made for
the gen-
eral pub-
lic, but
was pop-
ular with
the aris-
This desk was made about 1878, perhaps for
an important international exhibition. It is
said the surest sign of wealth is a massive
flower arrangement. It is expensive, lasts a
few days, then is gone. It gives joy while it
lasts, but is not an investment like a dia-
mond ring. Will your collectible earn its
keep by giving you joy, or will it go up in value
and make money?
The Kovels answer as many questions as
possible through the column. By sending a let-
ter with a question, you give full permission
for its use in the column or any other Kovel
forum. Names and addresses will not be pub-
lished. We cannot guarantee the return of any
photograph, but if a stamped envelope is
included, we will try. The volume of mail
makes personal answers or appraisals impossi-
ble. Write to Kovels, (The Citizen), King Fea-
tures Syndicate, 888 Seventh Ave., New York,
NY 10019.
· K O V E L S A N T I Q U E S ·
City of Auburn
Equalization rate 100
* Joseph Sliwka,50 Locust St., Auburn,
to Joseph and Linda Sliwka, same
address, two parcels at 48 and 50
Locust St., $0. Assessment $83,500.
* Joshua Guy, 35 Wallace Ave., Auburn,
to Jason Guy, 78 Elizabeth St., Auburn,
property at 78 Elizabeth St., $50,000.
Assessment $45,800.
* Katherine Falcicchio, 7 Venice St.,
Auburn, to the Katherine Falcicchio
Revocable Trust, property at 7 Venice
St., $0. Assessment $45,700.
* Mark Indelicato, dba Indelicato
Realty, 404 S. Seward Ave., Auburn, to
Mark Indelicato, 14 Standart Ave.,
Auburn, property at 23 Columbus
St., $0. Assessment $72,600.
* Mark Indelicato, dba Indelicato,
Reatly, 404 S. Seward Ave., Auburn, to
Mark Indelicato, 14 Standart Ave.,
Auburn, property at 25 Columbus
St., $0. Assessment $45,700.
* Kevin and Chalyce Murphy, 4943
North Road, Owasco, to Michelle
Feldman, Mattydale, property at 69
- 71 Pulaski St., $98,400. Assessment
* Edwin Krell II, 57 N. Lewis St.,
Auburn, to Janet Krell, 57 N. Lewis St.,
Auburn, property at 57 N. Lewis St.,
$1. Assessment $63,000.
* Paul and Sarah Diffin, 15 Ander-
son Circle, Auburn, to Thomas and
Rebecca Crowley, 2700 Forest Hill
Drive, Auburn, property at 15 Ander-
son Circle, $144,000. Assessment
* Sylvia Ingleston, fka, Sylvia Ballard,
to Sylvia Ingleston, 23 Washington
Street, Auburn, property at 23 Wash-
ington St., $0. Assessment $45,000.
* Stacy Jones and Darrell Myers,
Edmonds, Washington, to East/West
Properties, Inc., Santa Cruz, Calif.,
property at 131 Osborne St., $46,000.
Assessment $50,000.
Town of Aurelius
Equalization rate 98
* Anthony Calcagno, 2277 Overbrook
Drive, Auburn, to Joseph and Debo-
rah Peluso Jr., 41 Grove Ave., Auburn,
property at 2277 Overbrook Drive,
$155,000. Assessment $137,000.
* Claudette Coaley, Geneva, to Karen
Keesler, 6730 Karaway Road, Cayuga,
property at 247 Wheat St., $98,000.
Assessment $62,000.
Town of Brutus
Equalization rate 100
* Brian Sears, 2698 Liberty St., Weed-
sport, to Brian and Susan Sears, same
address, property at 2698 Liberty St.,
$0. Assessment $85,000.
* Michael and Karen Kelley, 9578
Oakland Road, Weedsport, to Max
and Caitlin Jurinich, 2764 E. Brutus
St., Weedsport, property off Ball Road,
$23,500. Assessment $26,000.
Town of Cato
Equalization rate 95
* Estate of Robert A. Schmitt, by
Christine Shapiro, administrator,
Syracuse, to Stephen and Olga Mel-
nick, 11201 Shortcut Road, Cato, part
of a parcel at 11123 Shortcut Road,
$7,200. Assessment $149,000.
* Raymond Sant, 11337 South St.,
Cato, to Vance and Lora Fenton, 11357
South St., Cato, part of a parcel at
South Street, $833. Assessment
Town of Conquest
Equalization rate 81
* Ralph Scroggins, 2110 Route 370,
Cato, to Joseph Collier Sr., Florida,
property at 2110 Route 370. $0.
Assessment $67,000.
* Steve Tardibone, 276 Cayuga St.,
Union Springs, to James and Patricia
Aiken, 7737 Laraway Road, Cayuga,
property at 9762 Route 38, $30,000.
Assessment $45,000.
Town of Genoa
Equalization rate 80
* Teresa Reeves, 8818 Route 90, King
Ferry, to Nancy Bertholf, Ithaca, prop-
erty at 8818 Route 90, $97,000. Assess-
ment $74,000.
Town of Ira
Equalization rate 100
* Estate of James D. Killough, by Mar-
garet Killough, executrix, 2795 Dal-
ton Road, Cato, to Lori Mapley, Akron,
and Karin Killough, Plattsburgh, co-
trustees, proper-
ty at 2739 Dalton
Road, $0. Assess-
ment $72,300.
Town of Ledyard
Equalization rate
* Gary Tyrell,,
Lansing, to Gary
Tyrell and Edward
Wagner, Lansing,
property at 2955
Route 34B, $0.
Town of Mentz
Equalization rate 83
* James and Sharon DeRusha, 8391
Centerport Road, Port Byron, to Amie
Williams, Cicero, property at 8391
Centerport Road, $204,699. Assess-
ment $115,000.
* Estate of Charles K. Pratt, Richard
Pratt, executor, 26 Shotwell St., Port
Byron, to Richard H. Smith, Conifer,
Colo., part of a parcel at 1 Park St.,
$40,000. Assessment $45,500.
Town of Montezuma
Equalization rate 92
* J. P. Morgan Chase Bank, Irving,
Texas, to Michael Micucci, 37 Arling-
ton Ave., Auburn, property at 7318
Laraway Road, $72,000. Assessment
Town of Moravia
Equalization rate 69.50
* David Elkovitch, Esquire, referee,
199 Genesee St., Auburn, to Federal
Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $500.
Assessment $105,500.
* John Young Jr., 4949 Rockefeller
Road, Auburn, to TMB Holding, LLC,
23 Central St., Moravia, property at
W. Cayuga Street, $8,000. Assessment
Town of Niles
Equalization rate 86
* Iris Wells, Penfield, to James Little,
Endicott, property at Glen Cove Road,
$22,000. Assessment $45,000.
Town of Scipio
Equalization rate 93
* Janet Buckhout, 3771 Wyckoff Road,
Scipio Center, to Philip and Janet
Buckhout, same address, property at
Rice Road, $0. Assessment $79,400.
Town of Sennett
Equalization rate 88
* Estate of Vincetta J. Liberatore, C.
Paul Liboratore, executor, 25 Swift
St., Auburn, to 3467 Genesee Street,
LLC, 61 Havens Ave., Auburn, two
parcels at 3467 Genesee Street Road,
$93,600. Assessments $71,500 and
* Hilda Beyor, 7830 Grant Avenue
Road, Auburn, to the Hilda E. Beyor
Irrevocable Trust, two parcels at 7830
Grant Avenue Road and Chestnut
Ridge Road, $0. Assessments $72,100
and $3,000.
* Philip and Joyce Gover, 3144 Mead-
owview Lane, Auburn, to Joseph Pabis,
5533 W. Lake Road, Auburn, property
at 3144 Meadowview Lane, $230,000.
Assessment $215,000.
Town of Springport
Equalization rate 98
* Vicky Lewis, 982 Creager Road,
Union Springs, to Richard and Kelly
Gilfus, 8910 Route 90N, King Ferry,
property at 982 Creager Road,
$109,000. Assessment $84,600.
* Melissa Newell, 5026 Dewitt Road,
Skaneateles, to Kim Faulkner and
Jonathan Thurston, 53 Arterial West,
Auburn, property at 1058 Connors
Road, $31,490. Assessment $21,000.
Town of Sterling
Equalization rate 81
* Carlo Thompson, 15393 Route 104,
Martville, to Robert Brown, 11574
Route 37, Cato, property at 15393
Route 104, $57,000. Assessment
* June Smith, 830 Old State Road,
Sterling, to Matthew Schueler, Liv-
erpool, property at 559 Main St.,
$115,000. Assessment $89,800.
* Ustrucriah, LLC, Rochester, to Sheryl
Coleman and Santiago Buigues, Wol-
cott, two parcels at 567 and 571 Main
St., $89,000. Assessments $72,700
and $86,300.
* Michael and Jeanette Markowski,
1182 Old State Road, Sterling, to
Kathleen and Kenneth Crouch,
Oswego, property at 13878 Martville
Road, $0. Assessment $11,605.
* Michelle Lasher, 2595 Kenyon Road,
Williamson, to Bruce and Donna
Hudson, 2704 Kenyon Road,
Williamson, property at Simmons
Road, $0. Assessment $33,500.
* James and Chantel Eckert Jr., 14572
Route 104, Martville, to Bradley and
Autumn Lyons, 48 Artlington Ave.,
Auburn, property at 15472 Route
104, $65,000. Assessment $40,300.
Town of Summerhill
Equalization rate 70
* Cayuga County, 160 Genesee St.,
Auburn, to Jenice Morgan-Ham-
mond, Cortland, 1265 Atwood Road,
$1. Assessment $87,000.
Town of Throop
Equalization rate 70.50
* Carl Yoensky, 7298 State Street Road,
Auburn; Edward Yoensky, Elizabeth,
Colo.; and Sheila Yoensky, 7911 Weed-
sport-Sennett Road, Auburn, to Carl
and Tammy Yoensky, 7298 State Street
Road, Auburn, property at 7298 State
Street Road, $0. Assessment $111,600.
* Virginia Yahwak, 7476 State Street
Road, Auburn, to David Yahwak, same
address, property at 7476 State Street
Road, $1. Assessment $85,000.
"We Bring You Home"
Thinking of Selling
Your Home?
Thinking of Selling
Your Home?
Midge Fricano
Broker/Owner, GRI, CRS
Cell: 315-729-0985
121 North St., Auburn, NY 13021
(315) 258-9147
leave the selling to me!
I have the experience and proven
marketing techniques to help you
get results! Call me for all your
real estate needs.
Property transfers.
The Citizen. Auburn, New York
Real Estate.
Sunday, April 20, 2008
C a l l 2 52-1441
f o r a p p l i c a t i o n !
Located in the
h e a rt of Auburn!
1, 2 & 3 Bedroom
apartments available.
All utilities included.
TDD-TTY: 771
Genesee West Apts.
Studios $445
Incl. Utilities · Sec. & Ref. Req.
No Lease!
Corner of Clymer & Quill St.
1-2 Bedrooms
Res. Manager in I-33
Call 253-9152
Auctioneering Experience You Can Count
On With The Name You Can Trust!
2052 Lamson Road,
Phoenix, New York 13135
Residential, Commercial, Farms & Waterfront
(315) 678-2000 · 1-800-374-SELL
Bernard J. Brzostek, Auctioneer
Members of the NYSAA & NAA
Half Acre Real Estate · Ron Bench 246-7414
Neighborhood Tavern
Many possible uses.
Lease or lease option
call for details
3033 Rt. 89, Savannah
Completely remodeled 3 BDR,
2 BA ranch with FP, Fam. Rm.,
vinyl siding and blacktop
driveway on 2.4 country acres.
Billy D's
14 Swift St.
Money making. Long established
neighborhood grocery store.
Json Hawker, 374-4017
121 North St., Auburn, NY 13021 · 315-258-9147
"We Bring You Home"
Search for Homes 24/7
Open Sunday 12-2PM · 125 Prospect Street, Auburn
(Dir: Grant Ave., to Prospect, Signs)
3 Br Ranch in a great location with lovely hardwood floors.
Very solid with a det. garage and an in-ground pool for those
summer days. Priced to sell at,
Marla Gawarecki, 315-515-9963
Open Sunday 12-2PM · 1865 Poplar Ridge Road, Venice
(Dir:Rt. 34B to Poplar Ridge, Signs)
Great 4 BR home with a large country kitchen and a lovely
back yard complete with a new sun deck/pool combo.
Spacious family room...1st floor laundry...
Tom and Penny Minnoe 315-237-2814
Open Sunday 12-2PM · 14 Yale Avenue, Auburn
(Dir: Lake Ave., to Yale, Signs)
Come see this magnificent Auburn Ranch today. In an truly wonderful neigh-
borhood with an excellent lay out, this 3 Br, 2.5 bath home boasts features
such as great hardwoods, a full finished basement, a large 2 car attached
garage, great storage and a master BR w/private bath. A few cosmetics will
go a long way!
Midge Fricano, 315-729-0985
Open Sunday 1-3PM · 603 W. Genesee Street Road, Auburn
(Dir: From Auburn take W. Genesee St., approx. 4.5 Miles, Signs)
Only minutes from the city and a few more to Cayuga Lake; this beautiful
country setting is ready and waiting for its new owner. Spacious and updated
featuring; 4/5 BR's, a new roof, a large 2-car attached garage, a modern
kitchen and a sunny deck with great views!
Simon Fricano 315-730-6182 or Connor Murphy 315-730-9419
Open Sunday 1-3PM · Fire Lane 15 Grandview Beach
(Dir: Rt. 326 to North on Rt. 90, Signs)
Seasonal Lake home in like new condition. The 16'x80'
mobile has 3 Bedrooms and 2 full baths, central air, a wrap
around deck and more with 50' of frontage on Cayuga Lake.
See today; enjoy all summer.
Ann Wolinski, 315-391-9494
MLS# 179863
Cozy 2 BR home,
spacious living
area, gas hybrid
stove, 1.5 acre lot, and 2 det.
garages. Very Private, $122,900
Bill Krause, 315-246-6603
MLS# 174632
Just outside the city!
On a deep lot with 2
income producing
mobile homes. Great
starter, only $65K
Midge Fricano, 315-729-0985
MLS# 185770
Private Union
Springs ranch.
Totally remodeled 1
BR home with 1st
floor laundry and brand new;
kitchen, bath, carpets, paint and
more. Great sunporch, close to
Cayuga Lake. $59,900
Linda Salls 315-224-9177
MLS# 178619
Affordable and
Adorable year-round
waterfront home
with many updates.
60' of great
frontage. Get your sunset, swim-
ming and fishing here! $169,000!
Midge Fricano 315-729-0985
MLS# 179148
Aurora waterfront
3BR, 2 Bath ranch
style home. Great
lakeside covered
deck and a truly ideal
strip of frontage. 103' with an addi-
tional 100' available! $329,000
Bill Krause 315-246-6603
MLS# 189815
Immaculate one of a
kind home in this pre-
mier waterfront commu-
nity. Too much to men-
tion everything, 4BR's,
3Baths, great hardwoods, corian counters,
master suite, wonder views, superb sun-
sets. Call for a private showing. $560K
Midge Fricano, 315-729-0985
Sunday, April 20, 2008
Real Estate.
The Citizen. Auburn, New York

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