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Integrin Advanced Biosystems - E coli Standard condtions of service
Marine Resource Centre, Barcaldine, Argyll, Scotland PA37 1SE
Tel: 44 1631 720765; Fax: 44 1631 720590;
Standard Conditions of Service 2006-01
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Standard Conditions of Service ­ E.coli MPN Testing
Organism tested: E.coli
Notice Required: Yes. The week prior to sending of sample/s contact us on the above tel. no. and register sample/s
for testing.
Sending of Samples: Testing will be carried out on TUESDAYS and WEDNESDAYS ONLY. Due to the nature of the
test, samples will have to be received on the same day as testing (Tues or Wed). Samples sent in any other day of the
week will not be tested.

Recommended sample sizes for various shellfish species
Queen Scallops
King Scallops
Pacific Oysters
Native Oysters
Sampling and delivery of samples is the responsibility of the customer. The customer should ensure that samples are
suitably packed, that the sample submission sheet is filled out and included with the samples and that testing
requirements are clearly indicated. At all times during sampling please ensure you take the necessary steps to ensure
your personal safety and ensure that all equipment is fit for use.
1. Pre-chill cool-box while en-route to sampling site (4°C is the target temperature for handling and storage).
2. Prepare to take the shellfish sample by checking that all sampling material used is clean and your hands have
been washed and swabbed with an alcohol wipe in addition to using disposable gloves.
3. When taking the specified shellfish sample ensure the size is compliant with the requirements: Clean off excess
dirt and debris using fresh seawater taken from the same location.
4. Drain off any excess water and check that the shellfish are in good condition.
5. Place the sample in the polythene bag and seal. They should then be sealed again using a second bag.
6. Complete the sample submission sheet (annexed hereto) ensuring you record the correct, contact details,
species, date and time etc.
7. The completed sample submission sheet should then be sealed, and placed with the shellfish sample in a third
8. Place the samples inside the cool box with frozen ice packs and cover ensuring each individual sample is
wrapped in newspaper so there is no direct contact with the ice packs used. This will also assist in maintaining a
temperature of 4°C. (Please note that under no circumstances should the samples be frozen or placed in direct
contact with the ice packs.).
9. Secure the cool box lid using tape and dispatch samples so they arrive within 24 hours to:
Integrin Advanced Biosystems, Marine Resource Centre, Barcaldine, Argyll, Scotland, PA37 1SE
We recommend using registered post in order to ensure arrival of samples within the specified 24 hour time

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