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China Media Monitor Intelligence - 07 CMYB Look Inside (Page 3)

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China Media Monitor Intelligence - 07 CMYB Look Inside
Anke Redl, Rowan Simons
Publishing Director:
Anke Redl
Research Director
Kristian Kender
CMM Editors:
Kristian Kender
Anke Redl
Rowan Simons
James Nicholson
David Wolf
Steven Schwankert
Mike Zhang
Gao Shan
Li Li
Nancy Wang
Autumn Zhang
Ad Sales:
Anke Redl, Tammy Zhao, Poh Lee
Zhang Xin
Sales & Marketing:
Poh Lee Tang
Gao Shan
Published by:
CMM Intelligence (HK) Limited
Address: No. 58-63, Gloucester Road,
Wanchai, Hong Kong
Beijing Office:
Address: Tower A606, Tianhai Business
Plaza, Dong Cheng District, Beijing,
100007, China
Tel: +86 10 64070561
fax: +86 10 64070564
ISBN-13: 978-0-9793693-0-8
CMM Intelligence Limited
All rights reserved. No re-production,
copy or transmission of this publication
may be made without written per-
mission. No contents of this publica-
tion may be re-produced, copied or
transmitted save with written permis-
sion. Any person involved in unauthor-
ized acts in relation to this publication
may be liable to criminal prosecution
and civil claims for damages.
While every effort has been made to
ensure the accuracy of all informa-
tion, the publishers can accept no re-
sponsibility for any errors or omissions.
We welcome your comments on the
2007 China Media Yearbook & Direc-
tory. Please submit your suggestions
he publishers wish to thank the many
organizations which contributed to
this publication, including:
AGB Nielsen
Beijing Huicong Media Research Center
Beijing International Media Services
Beijing Transnetwork Center
Beijing TV Media
BTV Media
Caijing Magazine
China Film Promotion International
China International Film & TV Program
Content Asia
Deutsche Welle
Media Movers
Odyssey Investment Consulting Ltd.
Reed Midem
Shanghai TV Festival
Sichuan TV Festival
Translation Network
Wings Media
Zhejiang Zhongnan Cartoon
Zhejiang Zhongnan Group Animation
Video Co. Ltd.
The publishers also wish to thank the many individuals who have provided help and
assistance over the last two years and to whose work this book is testimony:
Alex Xiao, Andrea Seltmann, Amy Wang, Angela Zou, Angelika Newell, Arnaud
DeNanteuil, Barbara Redl, Brigitte Chaintreau, Cao Yin, Chen Hu, Chen Xiaomeng,
Cheng Chunli, Cheng Hua, Christian Dorsch, Connie Kang, Dan Victor, David Wild-
er, David Wolf, Dr. Charlotte Cole, Du Hao, Ellen Huang, Fan Beibei, Frank Sieren,
Gary Knell, Geng Ling, George Sakkali, Hu Zhanfan, Husket Huang, Isabelle Gla-
chant, James Ross, Jason Wu, Jeffrey Xu, Jiang Hu, Jin Yunjun, John Hanawa, Jojo
Huang, Jojo Kong, Jonathan Landreth, Julian Newby, Keisha Lee, Konstanze Welz,
Laurent Michelon, Lelend Ling, Li Bin, Li Jian, Li Ruigang, Li Ting, Li Yan, Lin Han, Liu
Min, Liu Yong, Lu Liang, Ma Guoli, Ma Runsheng, Ma Xuming, Maggie Zhou, Mari-
ette Rissenbeek, Matthew White, Max Springer, Michelle Lim, Mickey Zhang, Paul
Zilk, Paul Johnson, Petra Schneider, Rufus P. Lee, Ross O'Brien, Sabine Chemaly,
Shen Lei, Shen Yuliang, Shi Xiaodong, Shi Yinda, Stefan Bliemsrieder, Sunny Kim, Sun
Jianying, Sun Wei, Tang Lijun, Teresa McCleary, Tom Ada, Wang Nan, Wei Yong-
gang, Wu Jianrong, Xiong Yin, Xue Ling, Yang Weiguang, Yang Wenhong, Yuang
Tingliang, Zhang Changming, Zhang Haitao, Zhang Ji, Zhang Jing, Zhao Huayong,
Zhao Jun, Zhong Xuzhao, Zhou Guizhen, Zhou Tiedong, Zou Xin, and the many hun-
dreds of other representatives from media organizations across the country who
are not included here but who have also supported the project.
2007 China Media Yearbook & Directory

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