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China Media Monitor Intelligence - STVF 06 EU Pav package information & registration (Page 6)

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China Media Monitor Intelligence - STVF 06 EU Pav package information & registration
Sharing Details
Company #2
(only for shared booth option)
Signed by:
Company #3
(only for shared booth option)
Signed by:
Additional Options
Company Details
Booth options:
Package 1 (Standard Booth)
( 2,995.00)
Package 2 (Deluxe Booth)
( 3,995.00)
Package 3 (Participant Only)
( 1,295.00)
Number of add. participants
( 250.00)
Shared booth:
Shared Booth Option
Number of add. companies
( 895.00)
Number of add. participants
( 250.00)
Company #1
Signed by:
ZIP Code:
Booth Packages
Booth options:
( 120.00)
Airport shuttle service
( 50.00)
( 300.00)
Stand assistant
( 200.00)
Other Services:
Advertising options:
Page(s) in EU Prog. Guide
( 1,500.00)
Page(s) in World TV Guide
( 2,500.00)
Late registration fee:
(add 20% for registering after 30 April)
Total costs
(prices cover the whole market period)
We herby register for services as choosen above
Signature and date
Who declares to be duly authorized to sign on behlaf of the company
sign and fax to: +86.10.6407.0564
Please make payment to:
CMM Intelligence Limited
Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Ltd.
1 Queen's Road Central, Hong Kong
Account No.: 500 620 208 838
Swift Code: H S B C H K H H H K H
Reference: EU Companies at STVF 2006
Register TODAY
or before April 30, 2006
EU Pavilion
June 18-20, 2006
International Film and TV Market of the 12th Shanghai TV Festival
Leader in market research and consulting for China's Media and Advertising Industries

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